Seamless Remote Access Service for AgroTech Companies

Unlock the full potential of your agribusiness with browser-based remote desktop software specially crafted for agricultural professionals, empowering you with unparalleled remote access and control over your farm’s digital ecosystem.
Permanent and quick one-time remote connections
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android clients
Simultaneous connection to multiple devices
All-in-one web-control panel
Remote admin features

Our service is suitable for many professionals and teams

For Client Support
Quickly connect to customer devices through a one-time invitation and browser window
For System Administration
Add permanent connections to remote computers and manage them through the web panel
For Software and Device Developers
Use our service to support your clients and implement our SaaS service into your services or programs

All-in-one Online Platform for Easy Remote Connection Management

Unlock the full potential of remote desktop management in the education industry. Schools and universities can seamlessly connect students and teachers from anywhere in the world, enabling them to collaborate on projects and lesson materials.
Remote Management
Sharing & Collaboration
Support & Training
Remote Management

Real-Time Monitoring and Control

Agriculture tech companies can access remote desktop services to remotely monitor and control farm IoT devices and computers. This enables real-time adjustments based on changing conditions and informed decisions related to data.
Support and train

Remote Training and Support

Agriculture tech companies can provide remote training and support services to farmers and agronomists. Through remote desktop services, experts can guide users in using advanced agricultural technologies, troubleshoot issues, and provide valuable insights, all without the need for physical presence on the farm.

How our clients use remote desktop service
Overcoming Geographical Barriers

How a Brazilian Agro Tech Company Revolutionized Farming

A fast-growing agro tech company in Brazil developed innovative software for farms, but faced the challenge of installing and supporting clients across the country. They solved this by using a Remote Desktop Service, enabling remote installation, training, support, and software updates. This efficient approach reduced time and costs, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. The company effectively overcame geographical barriers to provide excellent service to farms across Brazil.

Comprehensive Remote Desktop Access Service Fits Your Needs

We develop a robust online service that enables seamless and feature-rich connectivity between a client's remote device and your device.
Permanent Access
Unattended access to remote devices
Ideal for ongoing system administration tasks or seamless access to your office or personal devices without supervision
Online-Control Panel with all your Devices
Unlimited Concurrent Remote Connections
File Transfer, Mass Deployment
Wake-on-LAN, Black screen, System Reboot
Mobile Devices Access
RDP, Active Directory, API
Quick Connection
Fast one-time remote access via invite
Useful type of remote access for tech support or help desk teams that provide swift assistance to your clients
Unlimited Invites & Connections
Branding & Customization
Multi Language Agent
Joint sessions on One Device
Chrome Extension Plugin

Connection Features

When you are connected to your client remote device, you can use the full range of remote access features
Mouse and keyboard control
File manager
Chats & calls
History of sessions
View-only mode
System Info
Multi connections to one device
Connection recording
Auto Translation
The use of Remote Desktop Service significantly reduces the time required for software installation and support, as there is no need for physical presence
Cost Savings
The company saves on travel expenses and can allocate those resources to other areas, such as research and development
Customer Satisfaction
Clients appreciate the quick response times and efficient service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

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What our clients say

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Jonathan Murphy
Agricultural equipment operator remote desktop software is the perfect solution for any agriculture-related business. It provides secure remote access to a computer located in the office or on the farmland, allowing technicians to better manage farm machinery and equipment. features such as online collaboration, mobile device support and security controls make it the ideal solution for our company. With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools, farmers can monitor crop production, remotely process sales orders and even monitor employees from anywhere in the world.
Rafael Albino
Analista de Customer Success na MyFarm é um verdadeiro canivete suíço dos apps de acesso remoto. A facílidade de que ele proporciona no acesso remoto, por não precisar ser instalado e nem solicitação do id para o usuário. Ainda não encontrei nada que desaprove ou desabone. Auxiliar usuários em suas dificuldade, com a facilidade de acesso do
Michael Zimmer
Technician agriculture
Getscreen allows remote support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. The web-based support agent is great. It's fast and has major options for permanent access and quick support screen sharing. They also offer branding options that will provide a downloadable agent that's linked to your specific account. The client-side agent is small and works well on Windows PCs. Permanent access nodes can be grouped and searched by name or IP. Remote sessions can be recorded.