Comparison with Chrome Remote Desktop

We respect our competitors, but we've managed to do some things better. Take a look for yourself.

Why do people choose as an alternative to Chrome Remote Desktop?

They need little more than just to connect two computers together
Independent web client
Personal Account
Quick Support
Independent web client
Works in any browser regardless of Google Chrome
One-click connection
No need to install an extension
Download and try Connection Help
Personal Account
Control center for all computers on the network
Delegating access
History and video recordings of connections
Branding the agent and connection window
Log in Personal Account Help
Affordable implementation of remote access to customer infrastructure
Ready-made plugins and extensions
Agent SDK
Integrate More on integrations
Quick Support
Customer support tool without permanent access
No IDs or passwords
Invitation via the link
Invitation by code
Invite the client How it works?
A rich set of tools for remote computer management
Chats and calls
File exchange
Automatic text recognition and translation
Joint access
Download and try Connection Help

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