For Personal Use

Only 5% of total users enjoy using remote access solutions.
Be among these 5%
All features of remote access
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux
Unlimited simultaneous connections
Independent from dedicated IP addresses
Free plan

How It Works?

Download our agent
Run it on a desktop you want to access
Go to a link generated by our agent
Access your remote desktop from a web browser


This is a small piece of software which broadcasts video from a remote desktop and is managed by a remote operator
Small size
Versions for Windows, macOS, Linux
Proxy settings and NAT traverse
User-friendly interface
No installation required


The maximum set of features is available to control your remote desktop:
Mouse and keyboard control
Clipboard sync
File manager
Audio transfer
Monitor selection
Mobile version

Personal Account

Sign up and get more features for easy control over your remote desktops:
Automated continuous access
Home network setting up
Connection history
Access share

For You

It doesn’t matter who you are.
We’ve prepared a solution that suits everyone.

Any questions?

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and we will tell you everything in detail and help you implement our solution.