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Discover the key advantages of using a remote desktop solution to enhance your remote work experience, including improved efficiency and flexibility.

Securely Manage Unattended Devices from Anywhere

Ensure continuous updates and management through unattended remote desktop access across a variety of remote devices, ranging from laptops and mobile phones to kiosks, digital signage, servers, and various other unattended devices, all done securely and discreetly.
Online-Control Panel with all your Devices
Unlimited Concurrent Remote Connections
File Transfer, Mass Deployment
Wake-on-LAN, Black screen, System Reboot
Mobile Devices Access
RDP, Active Directory, API

Streamline Remote Support: Easy, Secure, and Password-Free!

Easily establish secure connections for individual remote support sessions without the hassle of sharing passwords over phone, chat, or other channels. Enjoy quick setup, fast data transmission, and top-notch picture quality for a smooth, immersive support experience that minimizes frustration.
Unlimited Invites & Connections
Branding & Customization
Multi Language Agent
Joint sessions to One Device
Chrome Extension Plugin

Empower Your Remote Clients: Onboard with Ease for Software Success!

Demonstrate the product or offer onboarding sessions for remote clients to assist software or app developers. Remote desktop support is an ideal way to showcase product features, make quick changes or updates, and guide clients through new software or apps with step-by-step instructions.
Auto Translation
File Manager
Chats & Calls
History of sessions, Connection recording
Only view mode, capture screenshots
Multi connections to one device

Screen Sharing & Collaborative Work

Experience virtual collaboration and seamless teamwork in a shared digital workspace. Empower your remote clients or team members by granting them permission to annotate directly from their own devices on a virtual whiteboard. With you in control, you can actively participate without ever having to leave their seats.
Mobile Devices Access
Simultaneous Connections to Multiple Devices
Feature Rich Remote Control Panel
Only view mode, capture screenshots
Multi connections to one device
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android clients

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Web Dashboard
Easily manage connections and account settings through our web dashboard.
Desktop Application
Experience the seamless replication of your web dashboard's functionality for desktop version.
Google Chrome Extensions
Elevate your experience with our Chrome browser plugin. Access your devices and generate invitations.

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Achieve Success in Remote Work: The Ultimate Solution for Remote Desktop Access

As remote work gains popularity, having the right tools is key for productivity. A crucial tool is a remote desktop solution, used by remote workers including freelancers and full-time employees, to work efficiently from anywhere.
Digital Nomad
Digital Entrepreneur
The Digital Nomad

Digital nomads often opt to work from various locations, either for brief intervals or by continuously traveling as they work. Therefore, a crucial tool for remote work is a reliable remote desktop solution.

Cross-Platform Compatibility
These solutions remove the barrier of operating system compatibility, allowing users to access their Windows desktop from a Mac, Linux machine, or even a smartphone, providing flexibility in the devices used for work.
Secure Access to Work Environment
Security is crucial for digital nomads, especially on public Wi-Fi. Browser-based remote desktop software offers strong security measures like encryption and multi-factor authentication, ensuring a secure remote work environment.
Seamless File Transfer
Easily transfer files between remote desktops and local machines with browser-based software, perfect for digital nomads needing quick document access without extra tools.
Global Workforce Integration
For digital nomads in global teams, browser-based remote desktop software makes it easy to work across time zones and access resources worldwide without relocating.
Reduced Hardware Dependency
Since the heavy lifting is done by the remote machine, digital nomads can use older or less powerful hardware to access high-demand applications, reducing the need to carry heavy, expensive laptops.
Collaboration and Support
Digital nomads can use remote desktop software to collaborate by sharing screens or giving control to others. It's also useful for remote IT support, allowing technicians to take control and troubleshoot issues.
The Freelancer

Freelancers are self-employed individuals who work on projects for various clients. They may handle multiple projects simultaneously, varying in duration and type. Freelancers often choose their own working hours and locations, making a browser-based remote desktop service like Getscreen ideal for them.

Flexible Work Environment
Freelancers can use remote desktop access to work from anywhere—be it a coffee shop, a co-working space, or from home—without being tied to a specific workstation. This flexibility allows them to maintain productivity regardless of their location.
Cost-Effective Software Usage
Instead of purchasing licenses for expensive software for every device they own, freelancers can install such applications on a remote desktop and access them as needed. This approach can significantly reduce software costs.
Access to High-Performance Resources
Some projects may require high processing power or specific software that is not available on the freelancer's personal computer. Remote desktop access allows them to utilize powerful remote machines for such tasks, ensuring they can deliver high-quality work without needing to invest in expensive hardware.
Disaster Recovery
In case of hardware failure or loss, freelancers can quickly resume their work from another device without significant downtime, as their essential files and applications are stored remotely. This minimizes the impact of such incidents on their projects and deadlines.
Seamless Collaboration with Clients and Teams
Freelancers often need to collaborate closely with clients or other freelancers. Online remote desktop services enable screen sharing and even granting control to others, facilitating effective collaboration, presentations, and reviews, regardless of the participants' locations.
Global Clientele Service
For freelancers working with international clients across different time zones, remote desktop access ensures they can always access their work environment and resources, facilitating seamless service delivery to a global clientele.
Digital Entrepreneurs

Digital entrepreneurs create and manage online businesses or services. They can work from anywhere with internet access and often set their own schedules. Remote work improves work-life balance by cutting commute time and costs. Reliable remote desktop software supports online work and reduces office distractions.

Anywhere Access to Business Operations
Digital entrepreneurs can manage their business from anywhere in the world, as long as they have internet access. This capability is invaluable for those who travel frequently or prefer to work from multiple locations, ensuring continuous oversight of their operations.
Secure Data Handling
Security is paramount for digital entrepreneurs, especially those dealing with sensitive customer data. Web-based remote desktops often come with robust security features, including encryption, multi-factor authentication, and secure connections, minimizing the risk of data breaches and cyber-attacks.
Centralized Resource Management
Centralize resources, software, and data on a few remote servers. This setup simplifies management, reduces costs of maintaining multiple devices, and ensures resources are accessible by authorized personnel regardless of location.
Efficient Customer Support and Service
Entrepreneurs can use remote desktop access to provide prompt and efficient customer support. By remotely accessing a customer's system (with permission), they can diagnose issues, perform troubleshooting, and ensure customer satisfaction without the need for on-site visits.
Enhanced Collaboration and Team Management
Real-time collaboration among team members, no matter their location. Entrepreneurs can share screens, files, and give control to others during meetings or sessions, facilitating effective communication and project management.
Market Research and Testing
Digital entrepreneurs can use remote desktops to access geo-restricted content, enabling them to conduct market research, test products in different markets, and understand regional competition without physically being in those regions.

What our clients say

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Hans Weber
Getscreen.me is an any implemented feature-rich web application that allows you to install an app on PC and connect with all permanently connected devices or start first with Wake-on-Lan to connect with. It is also useable as a support app with not permanent connections sending them by mail or as a link. The command bar to set up the online screen is feature rich and easy to handle and place on your screen you can even hide if to increase the space on the screen. Good is also the 2-Factor identification with several options like Telegram, Google Authenticator or email.
Jessica Cook
IT Freelance Professional
Perfect Solution for Quick Support! I like the ease of use for clients who are unfamiliar with the product. I do not dislike anything about this software. Getscreen.me benefits me in such ways: client support, allowing me to easily log into their computer and find the cause of problems, saving the time used giving sometimes incoherent explanations of what's going on/inability to quickly follow precise instructions.
James McCarthy
Student in University of Montreal
I've been using Getscreen.me for my university studies for the past few months and can definitely say it's a great piece of software. It allows me to remotely access my PC from anywhere and gives me the flexibility to work from any location. It's very user-friendly and intuitive to use, and I can easily access my work from anywhere - which is great when you're juggling multiple classes at once! I've also been able to share my screen with classmates during online lectures, which has made remote learning much easier. The software is reliable, secure, and fast - perfect for those with a busy lifestyle like mine! I would highly recommend Getscreen.me for any university student looking for a remote desktop solution.
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