Integrate Our Remote Desktop Software Into Your Product

If your software interacts with a wide range of devices, our technologies can simplify remote access to them within your systems. Make use of our Embedded Remote Access web client to integrate with your SaaS products, enhancing the customer experience and improving service quality.
Original Equipment Manufactured (OEM)
Remote Monitoring and Managmenet (RMM)
Mobile Device Managmenent (MDM)
IT Service Managmenent (ITSM)
Systems for Customer Service (CRM, HelpDesk, Chats)
Virtual Hosting (VPS)
And others...

How Does It Work?

To utilize our service, you need to install our agent program on end devices and link it to your account within the system. Afterward, obtain a connection link for the device through the HTTP API and add it to your personal account.
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Try Our Web Remote Connection

The remote connection window like in this demo can be accessed either in a separate tab or seamlessly integrated into web systems built on HTML and JavaScript (such as ReactJS, VueJS, and others) using the iFrame element. This versatile feature allows for enhanced user experience and flexibility in usage.
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You can apply your brand style to all elements of the system your clients interact with
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Different Levels of Control

Choose between the cloud-based or self-hosted version based on your requirements for different levels of control

Cloud Version

You use our servers to connect to your devices. We take care of all the maintenance work related to the server infrastructure.
Optimized network infrastructure covering all regions worldwide
Automatic updates and early access to new features
Suitable for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs)
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Self-Hosted Version

You will need to install and maintain a small set of our server instances on your own infrastructure. The assistance of qualified specialists will be required.
Maximum Control over Network Infrastructure and Data
The ability to connect within the local network without internet access
Suitable for Medium and Large Businesses
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Top Use Cases

Ideal for businesses of all sizes and across diverse industries. Common use cases for remote access include providing technical support, troubleshooting, device management, conducting training or presentations, accessing files and applications remotely, and collaborating with team members across different locations.

Remote Monitoring for Healthcare

75+ Medical Facilities
The response time to urgent medical cases has been reduced by 30%

Based in Berlin, the company serves medical facilities throughout Germany. We have implemented a remote monitoring and management system that enhances the efficiency of doctors and medical staff in their interactions with equipment, ultimately ensuring top-quality patient care.

During emergencies, doctors can remotely monitor patients and medical equipment from anywhere in the hospital. This enables prompt decision-making and effective response to changes in the patient's condition. Our system also facilitates remote consultations with experts from other institutions, fostering knowledge exchange and improving overall care quality. With our cutting-edge remote access browser-based technology, we empower healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional medical services.

IoT Remote Control

30 thousand IoT Devices
Smart homes see a 25% energy cost reduction, while enterprises experience a 30% increase in productivity

The company oversees IoT devices integrated into various smart systems. By implementing a remote desktop management system, users can efficiently govern their devices, enhancing both comfort and security. For smart homeowners, controlling lighting, heating, air conditioning, and security systems remotely via mobile devices is now possible. This enables them to reduce energy consumption, cut expenses, and ensure the security of their homes even when they are away. In a business setting, such a system also aids companies in monitoring and optimizing production processes through the use of IoT sensors and devices.

Remote Access in Agriculture

20 thousand Agricultural Enterprises
Remarkable 20% reduction in resource expenses while boosting crop yield by an impressive 15%

This company specializes in innovative agricultural solutions for farming enterprises. Our remote access management system empowers farmers to efficiently oversee and control processes in their fields, improving crop yield and economic efficiency. Through specialized applications, farmers can remotely monitor soil and plant conditions, regulate irrigation and fertilization systems, and control agricultural machinery. This level of control optimizes costs, enhances crop quality, and minimizes environmental impact.

Reviews and Ratings

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Julia Owens
CEO in a veterinary clinic
Using the remote desktop, our veterinary staff can access their clinic's computer systems and data from anywhere, allowing professionals to remotely monitor animal health and provide timely care and attention. Software capabilities make it an ideal choice for veterinary clinics looking to streamline operations and provide patients with the best possible care. With its easy-to-use interface, file sharing capabilities and real-time collaboration features, allows veterinarians to quickly access important information regardless of their location while keeping patient data secure.
Samir Poladov
IT Engineer, ITOlimp
This is so far the Easiest Remote Access service we ever used. Absolute time saver for me helping my distributed team and accessing IP Locked applications remotely. It works perfectly and is a very easy to use tool. It has all the essential options to be able to work remotely even from iOS devices. The system is very stable and offers good remote image quality. It doesn't matter if you connect for a few seconds or if you stay much longer. This tool is worth it. I recommend it to everyone!
Alban Taraire
Directeur Général, NETK5 IT Services
I love that you only need a browser to get started. You can customize and brand the client software, which as an MSP is essential. You have access to 2 modes of connections (WebRTC or WebSockets) depending on what works better for your specific case. Additionally, you have a lot of tools (auto-translation on screen is fantastic), and shortcuts for everyday tasks (control panel, system info...). As an MSP, we use every day to provide IT support for our clients. I stumbled upon, tried it, liked it, and deployed it for our 20 support engineers!
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