Remote Desktop Service for Education

User-friendly web remote desktop technology for seamless and efficient approach to teaching and learning. It empowers schools and universities to effortlessly deliver lessons and cultivate inclusive learning environments.
For Students
Discover the convenience of remote learning, engage with lessons and conduct laboratory work from the comfort of your own device regardless of your location.
For Teachers
Guide students by demonstrating on their computers. Use screen sharing on a whiteboard or collaborate on a single device, remotely access school computers.
For IT Support
Offer efficient remote resolution of tech challenges for school devices. Manage, update and access school computers even in the absence of end-users.

All-in-one Online Platform for Easy Remote Connection Management

Unlock the full potential of remote desktop management in the education industry. Schools and universities can seamlessly connect students and teachers from anywhere in the world enabling them to collaborate on projects and lesson materials.


Learn and teach from anywhere
Effortlessly handle all your connections with ease using our user-friendly dashboard accessible from any web browser on desktop or mobile devices.
Web Dashboard: Easily manage connections and account settings through our web dashboard.
Desktop Application: Experience the seamless replication of your web dashboard's functionality for desktop version.
Google Chrome Extensions: Elevate your experience with our Chrome browser plugin. Access your devices and generate invitations


Multi Users on a Single Device
Our software enables you to bring together your sub users on a single remote desktop screen. Collaborate and demonstrate with increased efficiency leveraging top features in our control panel.
Keyboard & Mouse Control
File Transfer
Video Recordings
Chat & Calls
Audio Transfer


Demonstrate, watch or offer assistance
Connect to multiple devices from your dashboard allowing you to seamlessly switch between them. Assist or demonstrate on individual computers, closely observe students as they perform lab experiments or take tests.
Perform mass installation and sign-up on remote computers
Connect in any web-browser using an invitation or code
System for managing access rights for groups of devices
Branding enhances personalization and organization awareness


Connect and engage with your users
Our software is equipped with efficient communication tools to help you stay connected and improve the overall educational experience
HTTP API: Enhance communication with students and teachers by utilizing a popular messenger and send invite to connect through Telegram
Extension for Google Chrome: Install our official extension and effortlessly send invites for remote sessions directly from your chat window using the widely recognized online customer service software
Plugins: Easily connect with users through our personalized feature - simply add your client's name from communication platforms like Zendesk, Jivo, Chatra and many more

What our clients say

Your colleagues have already evaluated our solution on independent platforms
Natalie Robinson
Senior Teacher, School in Amstelveen
I'm surprised that it doesn't take much of my time to understand and use it. Simple and straightforward. Don't have to guide my students step by step on how to connect it either. Just send them a link and we're good to go!

We used remote access in distance learning during the covid pandemic and continue to work with it now. Teachers can connect to students' computers at any time at their request and provide all the academic advice they need.
Dr. Rafael Rojas Pérez
CEO, Summitlings
We create online events and we've always had problems with speakers and attendees who didn't know how to use their computers. was the best solution to solve all the problems. We used to use Zoom to help and support our clients, but then we met and I found that this was a very professional app with which I can connect my users through our events without any problems.

I mean, my audience is women over +50 who are not always used to working with computers, the internet, or technology. On the other hand, our technologies, even if are friendly are not friendly enough for older people. helped us with this issue. We only send one magic link to our clients and we're able to solve the problem. Voilá! Amazing app.
Brian Pichman
Director of Strategic Innovation, Evolve Project
I needed a working solution to the high costs of LogMeIn and other tools like TeamViewer that just simply work. GetScreen does exactly as advertise. It works and I'm very happy with it. The branding was a nice bonus feature (didn't imagine I would need it) but it does give a nicer cleaner look to my brand.

I wanted a tool that I can quickly connect with clients and end users when they run into problems. The benefits are. definitely the branding feature set. It's a very clean interface. I look forward to more developed mobile apps.

For Students

Learn from anywhere, anytime
Students can freely use their personal devices during every lesson eliminating the need to physically move around the classroom. This enables seamless audio transmission to their devices, making it easier for each student to use connected headsets.
BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)
Incorporate your personal devices into the classroom and learn from laptops, tablets, mobile devices or any computer with a web browser. Remote access goes beyond observation. Students can actively engage with the lesson by taking control or annotating the content, fostering involvement.
Conduct laboratory work from any location
Enable students to remotely access lab computers from their personal devices, seamlessly taking control as if they were physically present. This allows students to effortlessly carry out lab work from their own computers and mobile devices.

For Teachers

Remotely Accessing Your School Computer
By utilizing remote access to their school computers, faculty members can effortlessly retrieve all their files and seamlessly control resource-intensive software applications that are stored on their desktops.
Screen Sharing & Collaborative Work
Experience virtual collaboration and seamless teamwork in a shared digital workspace. Empower your students by granting them permission to annotate directly from their own devices on a virtual whiteboard. With you in control, your students can actively participate without ever having to leave their seats.

For Help desk or IT Support

Remote Accessibility
Remote access not only enhances accessibility for all students but also ensures that the curriculum caters to the unique needs of those with complex requirements.
IT Management
IT administrators can remotely manage, update and access school computers even without end users. This ensures computers are always up-to-date and operating optimally. With features like chat, file transfer, session recording and user management, IT teams effectively support faculty and students.
School IT offers remote support for devices used in schools, benefiting students, teachers and staff by addressing technical challenges efficiently and conveniently. This approach empowers IT technicians to troubleshoot issues without travel, enhancing support for everyone involved.

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Discover Our Key Education Features

Our solution provides a cost-effective option with flexible licensing choices, including monthly or annual subscription-based licenses.
Concurrent Connections
Experience the convenience of our unlimited multiple Remote Desktop Connections to a single device simultaneously without the hassle of any additional manual setups.
Join Connections
Take control of your student's remote desktops effortlessly with a feature-rich control panel. Simplify your management tasks and enhance efficiency with our intuitive solution.
Multi-platform Support
Our solution is platform-agnostic, offering support for a wide range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices.
Single Sign-On
Commence your lessons promptly on all remote devices within the classroom. Integrate secure and centralized authentication using the Single Sign-On feature.
With the ability to personalize the logo, name and link, the software can be easily branded to represent your institution, enhancing recognition and uniqueness.
Integrate with Educational Platforms. Seamlessly integrates with widely-used learning management systems.