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Mark Kleveland
CEO in Cyberminds
Affordable Remote Desktop For Providing Tech Consulting

Cyberminds is the leading technology company for enterprise IT solutions. Our team of certified engineers and technicians provides comprehensive website development, high-tech hardware maintenance and repair, and application development services.

Recently our company has had great growth, more and more foreign clients from other countries and even continents began to appear. Using free remote access tools with limited functionality became inconvenient and we decided to invest in state-of-the-art remote desktop software with all the features needed to provide remote support.

Our technicians chose from several remote access software options. It was important to us that the software was secure, had API integration, and had a quick support function. We chose cloud-based tools because they are easier to install and integrate with other applications.

In the end we settled on the remote desktop — we really liked the Branding function, which allows us to secure the connection and inspires confidence in our customers. It was also useful to be able to create admin teams — as we have more and more clients, the workload increases and it is important to distribute it properly.

In terms of functionality, has all the features we need, including cross-platform access, file transfer and remote control. We also find the quick access feature incredibly useful as it allows to connect to a remote computer in just two clicks.

We have placed a remote access button on our website and customers can immediately see what to click to allow them to connect to their devices. A great solution for remote support and technical advice online!

Navi Sharee
COO in Universal Business College
Remote Access Saved Our Students During Distance Learning

Our college one of the top B Schools in India. UBS provides an internationally accredited British, American & European curriculum infused with global thinking and the opportunity to learn from Global CEOs & CXOs. We collaborate with leading universities and colleges in the UK, USA, France.

When the Covid pandemic began, all educational institutions were switched to remote mode. Before that, our college had never practiced general distance learning, usually it was a one-time thing when a student could not attend the institution or if they lived in another country or region. In such cases, our instructors would work with the students on the zoom. But when absolutely all students were switched to remote mode, we additionally needed a remote access program to control student assignments. It was also important that students had access to all of our documentation, libraries, and other data online.

Since most of our faculty are not technology gurus, it was important that the remote access software and the rest of the software be accessible and easy to use. Teachers needed to be able to quickly connect to students' computers, check their assignments, grade them, and help them learn.

A few remote access programs were investigated by our technical support staff and they recommended This service works in a browser, doesn't need to be installed, and connects via a one-time link. While connected, you can transfer files remotely, take screenshots, broadcast your screen, and much more.

Even when the pandemic was over, we continued to use remote access technology in education, as it proved to be very convenient and useful for both teachers and students!

Robert Morisson
Commercial Director, Finance Buddies
Remote Access Makes Our Customers Richer

Finance Buddies is a financial consulting service that provides personalized and comprehensive financial advice to businesses. Our experts help businesses make informed decisions regarding investing, budgeting, and other financial matters.

With the advancement of remote access technology, it has become easier than ever to provide financial advice and consultations. So, we decided to use a remote access program in our consultations to promptly help clients track stock charts, buy and sell stocks profitably, and provide investment advice.

Since we are still a developing startup, it was important to us that the software was affordable for the subscription and at the same time was as safe and convenient for clients as possible. It was also important to our specialists that they could connect to the client's computer without first installing the program on a remote computer.

We tested several remote access programs and in the end we chose This program has high ratings, it has a flexible pricing (you can buy as much as you need), it is possible to connect the Branding function, which causes confidence among customers. Quick Support lets our specialists connect to the customer quickly and help them trade securities in real-time.

During a remote session, the operator can communicate with the client via chat or voice - this allows us to provide financial advice and comment on stock exchange charts online. We can also record the remote session and send it to the client on request if they have any questions.

With help of remote access our users can get personalized consultations on their finances without having to leave the comfort of their homes. They can also view stock charts in real time, enabling them to make informed decisions about when to buy and sell stocks. This makes it easier for people to stay up-to-date with the latest market movements and make sound investment decisions quickly.

Mina Cares
Director, physician in Virtual Health
Telemedicine Has Made Remote Access an Essential Tool For Healthcare Providers

Our company provides telemedicine and medical services: specialists provide online consultations, broadcast surgical procedures, and issue prescriptions or referrals remotely.

Telemedicine is a rapidly developing field that provides remote access to medical services. It is seen as a viable alternative to traditional in-person doctor visits, but it presents a number of challenges and issues. These range from technological issues to privacy, security, reimbursement and workflow issues. Our doctors often have to interact with each other remotely, so in addition to video conferencing software, we needed a remote desktop to quickly access prescriptions, scans and other data.

We were looking for the right remote access software in our industry that allows healthcare professionals to remotely access patient information and quickly download all the data they need. Our team opted for Remote Desktop It provides a safe and secure connection between medical professionals and patients, allowing them to write prescriptions remotely, show X-rays and explain their meaning.

By establishing a remote desktop connection, our physicians can view and share patient data with colleagues in real time, securely protecting patient information. This helps streamline the diagnostic and counseling process without worrying about privacy issues or manual paperwork. offers an effective solution to improve the quality of medical care by reducing costs as well as an efficient way to provide medical services online.

Charlotte Freiburg
Executive Manager, Das Ads
5 Remote Desktop Allowed Us To Serve Clients From Anywhere!

Our advertising agency is engaged in comprehensive marketing promotion of personal brands, companies and large corporations. Our specialists use different media channels and strategies in their work. We work with clients all over the world.

The advertising industry is increasingly relying on remote technology to reach consumers. This shift accelerated because of the pandemic, but it was happening before the pandemic. That's why we've long since begun to embrace remote technology, which allows us to effectively create and distribute advertising while providing access to a wider range of potential consumers.

Our marketers and advertising agents often request customer metrics, but they aren't always willing to put their personal access and data into third-party hands. And that's where remote desktop works well, allowing access to the ad room, metrics and other data of a client who cares too much about their privacy.

We use different remote technologies in our work and remote access software is one of them. It was important for our team to find affordable and high-quality equipment, which would be trustworthy for the clients, but would not be too difficult to install and would not cost a lot of money.

We looked at several sites with software reviews and decided to test one of the highest-rated remote desktop For more than a year we have been using their services and we are happy with it!

We especially like the convenient way to connect directly from the browser - customers don't even have to install anything, just click on the link. Another important feature is the ability to translate the desktop automatically during a remote session, which is very important when you connect to customers from other countries.

Another plus of this remote table is Branding. It is very important for a marketing company to have a presentable brand that you can shine everywhere. In the process of connecting, clients see our logo and familiar domain in the link and understand is a representative of our company - this helps avoid scammers, who often use such programs.

Lawrence Jenkins
Deputy Director in AgroPark Limited
5 Allows Our Farmers To Control Equipment Remotely

The main goal of our company is to find solutions to maximize the economic, environmental and social sustainability of agriculture. We strive to bring small farmers together in the industry to share knowledge, resources and develop together.

Remote desktop technology in the agriculture industry provides companies with a safe and efficient way to analyze their operations without a physical presence. This technology has proven particularly useful for our network of companies that need to monitor the various farms under their control, as it allows us to view and manage agricultural operations from any location remotely.

Remote access in agriculture allows us to monitor our equipment, yields, livestock health and more in real-time. It also helps our farmers save time by providing efficient remote access services that allow them to easily access data from all parts of the farm without having to physically move. What's more, the remote desktop can provide an overall picture across multiple farms, allowing for more efficient decision-making. is the right remote desktop solution for agricultural professionals and farmers. It allows our farmers to remotely access their work computers with all important data and graphs online from anywhere with an Internet connection. With its simple, easy-to-use features, it helps AgroPark better serve its agricultural customers. In particular, it allows farmers to access their workstations remotely while retaining full control over shared folders, applications and documents.

The software interface is very intuitive, so even people with little or no technical knowledge can quickly take advantage of all the program's features. In addition, offers an advanced security system that encrypts all data for additional protection when transferred over the Internet and stored on users' computers. This ensures that all our customers' data is secure and can be accessed remotely at any time from anywhere in the world!

Ryan Frayne
Founder, Structure Solutions
Remote Desktop Technology Made Engineering Processes More Efficient

My company provides a multi-disciplinary design and building service to complement our wide range of construction and consultancy advice. Our experts provide interdisciplinary consultation related to the design, modeling, evaluation and research required for safe construction.

We have long used remote access because it provides convenient access to the engineering environment for companies to speed up the construction process. But usually, each employee used a different program to connect to the office computers, and that created security and coordination challenges. So we started looking for the right remote access software that would allow our engineers to access their office remotely from anywhere and have full control over their work.

I compared several remote access software with good ratings and chose the most suitable software for our team — It was important to me that the program was easy to install and safe. At first, I had a little doubt because works directly in the browser, this is something new for such services, but the excellent ratings reassured me. The financial component is also important — we can buy a subscription for as many remote devices as we use in our work and not overpay for anything!

In our industry, there is a lot of work with documentation, including online, so it is very important to be able to connect to the necessary equipment remotely and make changes. We divided employees into teams, distributed their remote devices to departments and now the work is more systematic and efficient!

Diana Williams
Freelance designer
Great Cloud Remote Desktop Tool For Freelancers!

I prefer to work remotely, so a few years ago I quit my office job and switched to freelancing. Now I provide design services and consultations for beginners.

When I started working for myself and looking for customers, I was faced with the fact that they required numerous edits and too much time to coordinate this or that layout. Then I decided to use a remote desktop to show the finished sketches online and make edits right away.

It was important to me that the remote access program be simple and secure, but most importantly, that it has the ability to transfer files and discuss by voice. At first, I tried screen sharing programs, but they did not offer all the features I needed-the customer could not make changes while the screen was broadcasting. Also, from time to time I have to connect to the client's computer when he wants to show me something and the demonstration of the screen is not enough for this.

Everything I needed I found in the cloud-based remote desktop Now all I have to do is send a quick link to a client via email or messenger to get them connected to my computer. We can work on the project together and tweak it online! has audio calls, and I can also prohibit the remote client from using the mouse and keyboard if I don't want him to break something in my project.

Sometimes I use remote access to give design advice — it makes it very easy to show everything visually in Figma and let the student do their projects under my supervision. is especially useful for freelancers who are spread out across different locations or are working on projects with multiple clients simultaneously, as it enables them to stay connected with all their work without having to switch between computers or devices.

Iman Sarani works even after restarting the PC! Works on Windows, Linux ubuntu, etc. This application allows you to control the phone remotely from a web browser on another device. You can also send a link to another user so he can see your screen on his phone.

The simple fastest and most efficient way of remote support. The best thing is that you can invite other participants to the session ( permanently and temporarily as well ). The collaboration depends upon how you want it to be. The remote toolsets like session recording in the cloud which is accessible anytime you want to review and download is a must-have for compliance.

Doctoral Researcher, Tianjin University
Brian Pichman

I needed a working solution to the high costs of LogMeIn and other tools like TeamViewer that just simply work. GetScreen does exactly as advertise. It works and I'm very happy with it. The branding was a nice bonus feature (didn't imagine I would need it) but it does give a nicer cleaner look to my brand.

I wanted a tool that I can quickly connect with clients and end users when they run into problems. The benefits are. definitely the branding feature set. It's a very clean interface. I look forward to more developed mobile apps.

Director of Strategic Innovation, Evolve Project
Sara Carter

Easy to use and support pages that have answers to most, if not all, user questions so you can get up and running quickly without the learning curve.

A great alternative to the market leader. Try the trial version to get a good idea of the quality of the service, especially the lag time, which for me was minimal.

It's so quick to take the access code and send it on the fly to my clients, either via chat or email, and connect to their PCs in no time. I thought I'd have to go back and forth a lot or ask my clients to install the software, but thanks to the quick access, there's no need for that.

Owner/ Mixing and Mastering Engineer, Music Mix Pro
Amar Sharma

Here are features that I like: access by invite, file sharing, price, screen recording, Android app. There are two different types of applications for Android. One is a server, which is for your client. The other gives you access to the server. These are well-thought-out programs.

I was hesitant to pull the trigger on purchasing because I thought I did not need the application. If you have family members that rely on you to fix their computers, you have to purchase this. Instead of providing a walk-through over the phone or recording my screen and having them follow along, it is easier to have them launch the program to give me access. Easy peasy.

Teacher, Guam Department of Education
James McCarthy

I've been using for my university studies for the past few months and can definitely say it's a great piece of software. It allows me to remotely access my PC from anywhere and gives me the flexibility to work from any location.

It's very user-friendly and intuitive to use, and I can easily access my work from anywhere - which is great when you're juggling multiple classes at once! I've also been able to share my screen with classmates during online lectures, which has made remote learning much easier.

The software is reliable, secure, and fast - perfect for those with a busy lifestyle like mine! I would highly recommend for any university student looking for a remote desktop solution.

Student in University of Montreal
Dr. Rafael Rojas Pérez

We create online events and we've always had problems with speakers and attendees who didn't know how to use their computers. was the best solution to solve all the problems. We used to use Zoom to help and support our clients, but then we met and I found that this was a very professional app with which I can connect my users through our events without any problems.

I mean, my audience is women over +50 who are not always used to working with computers, the internet, or technology. On the other hand, our technologies, even if are friendly are not friendly enough for older people. helped us with this issue. We only send one magic link to our clients and we're able to solve the problem. Voilá! Amazing app.

CEO, Summitlings
Natalie Robinson

I'm surprised that it doesn't take much of my time to understand and use it. Simple and straightforward. Don't have to guide my students step by step on how to connect it either. Just send them a link and we're good to go!

We used remote access in distance learning during the covid pandemic and continue to work with it now. Teachers can connect to students' computers at any time at their request and provide all the academic advice they need.

Senior Teacher, School in Amstelveen
Marek Jelinek

I was skeptical about this product when I saw it but thought why not give it a go, they have a few features that appealed to me that I hadn't seen before. First of all it’s browser based - you don’t need to download any software. I was also surprised by Telegram integration - issuing quick support requests takes about 10 seconds and I can join from the Telegram app. Most of our students are using this messenger, so so as a system administrator at our University it is convenient for me to assist them remotely.

System Administrator, Czech Technical University
John Anderson

I am a professional chess player and sometimes give online consultations on this game. A few months ago I was looking for ways to make my remote consultations more efficient and secure when I heard about, a powerful remote desktop service that would allow him remote access to clients' computers. Encouraged by the prospects, I signed up for and was amazed at how easy it was to set up the service and get it up and running in no time. Once connected, I could easily access my clients' computers with just a few clicks!

Online Chess Teacher
Mike Turner

Our company operates in the banking industry and it is very important that all banking operations run smoothly. During the COVID pandemic we faced certain difficulties and started promptly implementing remote support for all employees around the world working from home. We were using TeamViewer to share team conference files until the recent regulatory changes, but no one had an official license. Since we wanted to add remote help for even more computer systems, including home office employee desktops, we needed to run help efficiently without searching for a new version of the TeamViewer app. was the perfect solution!

Chief Accountant
John Blaise

I currently have investments in Deeper Network miners, and they all have their own computer and internet connection. allows me to have them all on a web page and connect to any of them easily from any device with a web browser, despite them all having their own IP addresses that change constantly. I can then manage them away from home and move profits in and out and monitor the networks. I also provide remote IT support to a couple of truck companies as a personal favour.

Crypto & Metaverse Investor
Frank Didszuleit

I'm really excited about GetScreen! The platform offers an incredibly user-friendly and reliable way to perform screen sharing. The tool is not only easy to use but also very powerful and stable. It enables seamless collaboration and communication with teammates, clients or friends no matter where they are. What I particularly appreciate about GetScreen is the fact that there are many useful functions that make work easier. With the option to record screen shares, important meetings or presentations can always be reviewed later. Also the ability to zoom in or out of the screen, as well as to highlight the cursor.

Kamal Singh Savaner

I really like Remote Desktop Access Instant From a web browser. As I am a Recruiter mostly do remote work and sometimes me and my coworkers faced some technical issues. due to this software that problem resolved instantly. Nothing as of now its a perfact truble shooting and also while we work remotly we also use this software for training to the new employs. It is really helpful when you are working remotly and suddenly you have any technical issue you can share your screen instantly with you IT support for troble shoot. So its really nice software.

Sr. IT Recruiter
Leo Rozalio

I love and wish I had purchased this software sooner! The simplicity of the tool is fantastic, effortless to install and navigate. I was able to install the software for the first time and get a support session launched with an employee having difficulty with a remote workstation in less than 5 minutes. The UI is clean and straightforward, allowing me to complete a support session without viewing any tutorials. I can’t wait to dig deeper to learn how to fully use all the features and make the most of this tool.

Finance Director
Chris Bessley remote desktop is straightforward and easy to use. Documentation and help area is well laid out and easy to find answers when needed. Works well even with multiple connnections active. Nothing that I can think of that comes to mind about dislikes. They continue to expand the platform and create additional features based on community feedback. Remote access and remote support or troubleshooting needs for clients, team members, friends and family. Provides a quick and secure method of connecting to systems. Give it a try! I dont think you will be disapointed!

Sales manager
Michael Bernard

This remote desktop app is the bomb! I was able to install and connect to another system in about 5 minutes. is so much easier to use than some of the other remote desktop products. App can load onto Windows, Mac, Linux and even mobile through Google Play. The Chrome extension is very convenient and integrates with Telegram. Branding is available and hopefully there will be more with the addition of CNAME; will be nice too, but not a deal breaker. I ran a continuous session for over 2 hours without a drop and did a reboot and picked-up a new session with the same PC.

Financial coach
André Isidio de Melo

The software is easy to use, especially for providing technical assistance. The possibility to have a branded software client with your company name and logo helps increase the trust in the people that will receive your assistance. The file is automatically deleted from the client-side after the session ends. Technical support can start quickly using an invitation link in a straightforward procedure. You can also create a session with a numeric code that you give to your client.

Country Director, ADRA France
Cristhian Camilo Ruiz

Simple installation and management, friendly user interfaces, integration with Google SSO. Free and paid option (very cheap). It allows the administration of all office computers and facilitates remote work. So far nothing wrong with the solution. The founders thought about the users and our needs. I hope they stay on the market and continue to improve. Mainly it allows us to enable remote work for employees who eventually cannot come to the office.

General Manager, OptiPlant Consultores
Imtiaz Abdi

I tried as an alternative to TeamViewer. The app is very similar. The main difference was the ease of setting up the app on the PC and on the MAC. It was very quick and I did not have to mess around setting up the remote access. In the short time that I have used, I would rank this remote desktop very high. It greatly increased everyone's ability to resolve customer support issues and to perform software installations and updates. It also provided a convenient centralized location where you could manage your connections to customers and to quickly hop onto their systems.

Biology professor
José Rino

Easy to use remote access solution that just works! The best feature is by far the ability to just send a link and anyone with a browser can remotely connect to the computer, without installing any software. Also, when they mean free, it's free. Not free for some time only. We have an analysis workstation with image processing software that can now be accessed remotely by any user, a very important feature in pandemic times, which has also increased productivity by allowing everyone to connect from their homes at their convenience.

Head of Bioimaging Unit in Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Jacob Abrams

Accessing medical equipment from a remote location can be a difficult and time-consuming process. However,'s remote desktop solution makes it easier for healthcare professionals to access medical equipment from anywhere in the world. gives healthcare organizations and individuals the ability to securely connect to and control medical devices from their laptop, tablet, or smartphone. It provides secure remote access to medical equipment that is compliant security standards. provides several features that make it an ideal solution for our medical company, including secure remote access, real-time collaboration tools, and user authentication support.

Head doctor at a private clinic
Marisia MacLahan

In healthcare industry remote access to medical equipment is becoming increasingly important in order to provide patients with improved care. is a remote desktop solution that provides healthcare professionals with secure access to medical equipment or diagnostic workstations. This software enables our providers to maintain full control over their devices, creating a barrier against unauthorized access while providing smooth remote connections in the same network or over the internet.

Purchase manager
Nelly Austin

Am incredibly having a great experience using for all my desktop remote access. It so remarkable and amazing! The best aspect of this platform is that it is easily accessible from different browsers/devices. Having quite an incredible user interface makes it easy for one to use the platform while performing tasks. Whenever it comes to business related matters in the organisation, it really becomes easy to monitor and manage all employees remote work activities. Interestingly the platform offers technical support capabilities which allows one to offer support remotely. All aspects about this platform are quite impressive!

Senior Finance Director, Caring Nannies Inc.
Kim Sun Hee

When it comes to managing a chain of pharmacies, having a reliable remote desktop solution is essential. remote desktop offers great flexibility to help our pharmacies maintain compliance with the latest healthcare regulations. It also provides a secure way of accessing patient records, medical equipment and other sensitive data without any risk of data breach or leakage. The remote access feature allows medical staffs to connect to the pharmacy's main server from any device with internet connection and securely manage and monitor medical equipment.

Pharmacy chain manager
Regina Miles

Since installation until today it has never disappointed me even a single day. It is a powerful and outstanding solution for remote desktop access that does not require any technical knowledge to use. It is a brilliant tool for team communication and it helps me to offer support remotely for clients. I like its simplicity, flexibility and speed which makes it unique and stand out from its competitors. The UI is very friendly and intuitive and their customer support team is very nice, helpful and reliable.

Emergency medical technician
Melvin Gross

I love that allows me to collaborate with other colleagues remotely, no matter where they are. It is a great application that brings us together as employees, allowing us to work together as a team and achieve our business goals. is very quick and easy to implement, and I love how it helps me offer remote support to our patients, forward x-rays to them and give advice remotely. I like the interface, which is easy to learn and adapt, and the patient support is available anytime you need help.

Radiographer in a private clinic
Amanda Rynes

This product has never let me down since its installation in our organization computers and its the best remote access software that i have ever came across. It's much user-friendly since it does not require any technical knowledge and very reliable for team communication. .Sending links and Screen sharing with our clients is awesome. I like its UI and UX, they are very simple and easy to understand by everyone. It really helps me when I'm counseling my clients and I can connect to their computer and help them set up the right programs for medical nutritional therapy.

Nutritionist Consultant
Lauren Lopez

I love! It's been a game changer for our agency. After years of struggling with other (expensive) and less functional tools, getscreenme has the features and ease of use that we were looking for. I love the availability to quickly and easily access our computers and be able to download files from my desktop while remote. The android app and quick customer support features are the cherries on top!

The main problem solves is the ability for me to access desktops and laptops remotely so I can be efficient while away from the office. This is a game changer for my productivity and ability to work anywhere in the world without hassle.

Co Founder, Web of Arc
Samuel Klein

I like the simplicity of the tool, they have very well-documented material for you to start your journey with The ux/ui is clean and simple, and flexible enough to accommodate all the needs of a tool like this. Also you have nice set of integrations with other relevant tools. We also like the chrome extension and the fact that you can send a link to someone to start sharing your desktop.

We have our team abroad in different countries for the work that we do we let them connect to our computers here based in the US so they can operate without limitations. We also use it for our clients to help them set up our software and give them support.

Founder & CEO, Motion Ave Inc
Jan Birtzek

If you want a simple and lightweight solution for remote access, this is it. Web-based so that you can use it anywhere. The .exe file is really just a launcher app and will install on your client's device if you do not need it to. Very proud of the team for making tremendous progress. Easy tool to offer support and onboarding and control devices. I use it every week! My computers desktops are in good order now, and I'm impressed with the performance with mobile devices already a big plus.

In such early stages of this project, it could really start the competition with the more prominent players like TeamViewer and LogMeIn. Awesome + 100 for lightweight and clean UI.

They have the potential to charge a lot more for the quality they are giving!

Independent journalist
Liza Holland

Great piece of software! remote desktop is perfect for support for in company users. Also for support for customers because it is very easy to share and the customers don't need to install complicated software. The security is also very well thanks to the second factor authentication option and the ability to brand the connection links.

I recomend this app for any company, don't matters the size and industry. I work in broadcast media and we also found the remote access program very useful for internal communication between specialists, file transfer and issue editing. The ROI is virtually immediate if you need to support your partners. And this is one of the main indicator of successful deal!

Podcast show host
Paul Brooks

The main advantage of the remote desktop is that it's easy to use, and I don't have to download any software on the controlling computer; I can just access it with a link and password through my browser. Surprisingly, it works for mobile devices as well, so I can access the computer with my phone, and for a journalist this is very important because you often have to transmit and receive information promptly.

We have over 100 employees and many of them work remotely. We often do government jobs in media and PR, so it's important that any software is licensed and secure. A remote desktop on days when we can't get into the office and monitoring/maintaining our outbound server is very helpful (our technicians don't want to come to the office at night if there are problems).

Government Media Technology Specialist
Tanushree Kumar is a reliable software for team communication through chatting. It's also secure,fast and simple to transfer files with this software. Ability to share my desktop screen with remote team with is one key thing that I like. Ease to provide remote support to our team and clients is another thing that I like with this software. It's also simple to access and control remote desktops with this software.

For great and excellent performance of, strong or rather stable internet connectivity is a must to have as this software cannot work when offline.

Sales Marketing Manager at Asian Paints
Jennifer Luis

Great cloud screen recording and sharing product! Easy chatting and project coordination and also remote document accessing solution with easy and flexible features to migrate data quickly and they also offer a free trial when getting started.

This product offers real time chatting capability and easy remote accessibility from any place and the file transfer speed through the product is cost effective. Data management and the team collaboration through this platform is excellent and the browsing sharing capability and easy project communication is effective.

No problems at all the software is easy to use and setting all the features and the training curve is also very short and reliable technical team!

SEO Specialist at Danco Vision Agency
Audrey Petit is an advanced and very effective remote desktop management software that increases communication efficiency. I like the ability to remotely share the screen with other colleagues. It is stable and maintains company system security for reliable operation. Implementing it is easy and straightforward.

This remote access tool allows you to work with customers even from another part of the planet! It is an amazing and fantastic tool that works very well, especially when used for image sharing.

I love this intuitive and easy to use collaboration tool with great and awesome technical support!

Marketing Specialist
Elizabeth Whriley

Recommended this application for remote connections! I have had a very great and wonderful experience with and I recommend it to all my potential customers who are looking for a great and exceptional tool for screen sharing and remote work. allows me to access my computer remotely, especially when I am away from my organization. It is very easy and simple to learn and understand because it has a very intuitive and friendly interface. It allows me to easily and quickly share files with other employees. It is easy to implement and get started with

Overall, is an excellent and outstanding remote connectivity application. I remember absolutely nothing that disappointed me while using the app!

Sales Manager
Ruhani Rabin

I have been using this for the last 4-5 months and it has been working on almost all laptop desktop scenarios. This helps me to get to the machines that are behind corporate firewalls. I also tested remote support with auto installation and an uninstallation system, which is very handy as well. They also keep improving the product, which is one of the best traits you can ask for. I am managing three macs and 4 PCs remotely and occasionally supporting family and friends too. Now they can catch up on this because Teamviewer was complex for them to set up!

Head of Product, DotLines Singapore
Samir Poladov

This is so far the Easiest Remote Access service we ever used. Absolute time saver for me helping my distributed team and accessing IP Locked applications remotely. It works perfectly and is a very easy to use tool. It has all the essential options to be able to work remotely even from iOS devices. The system is very stable and offers good remote image quality. It doesn't matter if you connect for a few seconds or if you stay much longer. This tool is worth it. I recommend it to everyone!

IT Engineer, ITOlimp
Srikanth Nair

If you provide support to your clients like I do, then this is a God send. I briefly tested it today and it seems to work quite well, though my test was on my own network between two systems. I looked for a way to reduce the screen quality to conserve bandwidth and thereby increase connection snappiness, but I don't think that option exists (or I didn't see it). I haven't conducted an extensive test but I intend to do it very soon.I sincerely hope that will be around for a while. Thank you team. All the best to you!

Mustard Seed IT Founder
Patrick Mast

We use for remote access to all our computers, as well as to support our customers remotely. It’s a dream to use! Despite the nice, clean, and easy-to-use user interface, is powerful in execution. It’s a must have for businesses that need to provide remote support to their customers. Don’t doubt it, just try it.

CEO & Developer, Winfakt
Andrea Barilli is an excellent desktop sharing application that offers a smooth and fast user experience. Its intuitive interface and ease of use make it one of the best alternatives to Teamviewer and Anydesk. guarantees a secure and reliable connection, with the ability to share multiple screens and manage the remote desktop in real time. In addition, its remote access function without waiting for the other user's approval makes it extremely practical for situations where you need quick access to another device.

Chief Executive Officer & FounderNEAT Consulting
Alban Taraire

I love that you only need a browser to get started. You can customize and brand the client software, which as an MSP is essential. You have access to 2 modes of connections (WebRTC or WebSockets) depending on what works better for your specific case. Additionally, you have a lot of tools (auto-translation on screen is fantastic), and shortcuts for everyday tasks (control panel, system info...). As an MSP, we use every day to provide IT support for our clients. I stumbled upon, tried it, liked it, and deployed it for our 20 support engineers!

Directeur Général, NETK5 IT Services
Emiliano López

With help of I have saved tons of miles and gas! Constant access is something I like. Some teams in the company have shared licenses. Having a permanent access tool saves a lot of money per year. Quality for the price, I have no problem. For production reasons, we work with computers with licenses per workstation and telecommuting, it's important to be able to access the equipment. On the other hand, as an administrator I can help employees with less computer knowledge.

Especialista digital, Lucas & Asociados Abogados
Thomas Murphy

I was tearing my hair out looking for a replacement for TeamViewer when they changed their license model. I saw a few mentions of and decided to check it out. The user experience is amazing. It was so easy to set up and use compared to anything else I have looked at. I recently moved 3 hours away from the servers I manage and many desktops, but with it hasn't mattered at all. I no longer have that on my plate and I can easily access any machine I need to reach from anywhere without any clientside software installs at my end!

IT Manager
Joe Navarro

Have 100% control of my clients' computers. And being able to talk directly to them on the same connection through GETSCREEN. Being able to record the session. And at the same time to be able to transfer necessary files in some works. We have many clients who do not know how to install specific applications that they need in their businesses, and we solve that problem for them. On the other hand, when we have to provide training, we can do it directly on our clients' computers, and they can see it live and if they have any questions or doubts they can raise it directly in the session.

CEO, Quantum Space
Jonathan Murphy remote desktop software is the perfect solution for any agriculture-related business. It provides secure remote access to a computer located in the office or on the farmland, allowing technicians to better manage farm machinery and equipment. features such as online collaboration, mobile device support and security controls make it the ideal solution for our company. With an easy-to-use interface and intuitive tools, farmers can monitor crop production, remotely process sales orders and even monitor employees from anywhere in the world.

Agricultural equipment operator
Rafael Albino é um verdadeiro canivete suíço dos apps de acesso remoto. A facílidade de que ele proporciona no acesso remoto, por não precisar ser instalado e nem solicitação do id para o usuário. Ainda não encontrei nada que desaprove ou desabone. Auxiliar usuários em suas dificuldade, com a facilidade de acesso do

Analista de Customer Success na MyFarm
Mohammad Arham

The simplicity of this tool is great easy to use install and with a very clean and easy-to-navigate UI which allows users easy to complete any support session without much support, and I like I can create a quick link to assist a customer remotely easily. I like the Telegram integration which issues fast support the request takes only 10 secs and ready to join from the Telegram app. I like the embedded option which helps me to place the join module in my website. Easy to share screen with my customers during support sessions.

System Engineer
Ben Obojanski

This product is awesome! A great alternative to TeamViewer. I bought it one year ago and never really have too much hope for it, but it has turned out to be more useful than I thought. The ease with which you add new devices is astonishing and it seamlessly connects to your remote desktop via browser. I especially like the grouping of devices by different criteria - it's very handy when you have more than 100 remote devices. At last, I got great features without the high fees that normally come with it. I use it mainly to remote into computers to resolve issues.

Automation and Control Engineer
Michael Zimmer

Getscreen allows remote support for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. The web-based support agent is great. It's fast and has major options for permanent access and quick support screen sharing. They also offer branding options that will provide a downloadable agent that's linked to your specific account. The client-side agent is small and works well on Windows PCs. Permanent access nodes can be grouped and searched by name or IP. Remote sessions can be recorded.

Technician agriculture
Victor Escobedo

One of the best, if not the best, remote products on the market today! It's so easy to use, simple and affordable. It helps me get things done quick & efficiently without a dramatic learning curve other software makes you go through. Getting quick access to my system and my client's systems and just makes it so easy to do this and more, it's so easy to switch between devices & orgs too.

Julia Owens

Using the remote desktop, our veterinary staff can access their clinic's computer systems and data from anywhere, allowing professionals to remotely monitor animal health and provide timely care and attention. Software capabilities make it an ideal choice for veterinary clinics looking to streamline operations and provide patients with the best possible care. With its easy-to-use interface, file sharing capabilities and real-time collaboration features, allows veterinarians to quickly access important information regardless of their location while keeping patient data secure.

CEO in a veterinary clinic
Kelsey Wriley is a convenient tool for screen sharing and for remote work monitoring and management. has gained popularity as an alternative solution for remote desktop access and control in the market. It's better suited for quick files transfer. Reliable tool for remote support hence it's simple and fast to resolve technical problems that our clients and team encounters. This remote desktop app never disappoints as it achieves all its designed objectives!

Manager in government administration
James Donavan is one of the best and most trusted applications for remote desktop access. I like how it is easily accessible from multiple devices and from browser. The interface is very intuitive and user friendly which makes it super easy even for new beginners to adapt it within a short period of time without training. It offers technical support capabilities thus allowing you to offer support remotely. This tool also allows you to configure remote equipment for land processing.

Machine tool operator, Fertile Farms
Nikhil Agrawal

I'm using for almost 6 months now to manage my remote team and can say it's the best tool i purchased. I like the features it provides like a dashboard for quick connection, call feature, remote desk monitoring system. The support is quick & very helpful. Solving a big problem to connect with remote team members instantly and share remote connection. This is saving our time by making the process quicker compared to other where you need to share id or password, with this with click of buttons we connect with team.

Lead Web Developer, The Web Fosters
Michal Catari

I purchased several months ago, and the results have been incredible. The software allowed me to connect multiple computers. I could also view my systems through my cell phone and access data if needed. My first impression of the product was unclear as I needed to review the video tutorials and play with the system for a few minutes, and set up my profiles and teams. This tool has replaced TeamViewer, hands down. It's a must-buy!

CEO, Wolf Virtual Reality LLC
Sam Flowers Remote Desktop is an incredibly useful tool for our company because it allows engineers to access their systems from any location or device. The service provides convenient remote access to information, programs and applications on a remote machine. Our specialists can quickly make changes, updates and patches without having to be physically present in the office. Using has a positive impact on team productivity and communication and helps reduce costs associated with travel or on-site visits.

Senior Project Engineer
Antonio Almeida

O software é muito fácil de utilizar, mesmo para utilizadortes que não são técnicos. A interface é intuitiva e as instruções são claras e fáceis de seguir. A qualidade do vídeo e do áudio são muito boas. A capacidade de alternar o controlo entre diferentes utilizadores é muito interessante, especialmente para trabalhar em equipa ou resolver rapidamente problemas. O software funciona perfeitamente em diferentes equipamentos e plataformas.

Director of Information Technology,
Daniel Connelly

This is, hands down, the #1 remote desktop-sharing app I have found online. I switched to after TeamViewer thought I was doing business through some automated catching software (I had only connected to one computer?). On that application, I also would have difficulty connecting and staying connected. is simple and easy for me and anyone whom I wish to connect to remotely. It is amazing how developed this product is and yet its free tier is so expansive!

Backend Software Engineer, Evocalize
Sabina Kovačić

With the growing trend toward remote working, many construction companies are turning to remote desktop solutions to ensure their employees can access data and applications from anywhere. Our company is no exception and recently we started using This remote desktop provides us with secure remote access, allowing employees to view and monitor projects without being physically present on site.

Project Manager
Nick Gerrard

The most versatile and user-friendly remote management tool I have ever used! I love the fact that the system is browser-based (so it's really easy to use). is incredibly stable and reliable, I have been using the system regularly for over 2 years and have never encountered any security issues/breaches. The UI is 10x better than any I have experienced from another remote desktop app. I can connect in the browser, I don't have to download the client!

Managing Director, UniSculptor
Konstantin Cholev

I am using it daily to control particular remote computers and servers and also support friends. The good thing about Getscreen is that I do not need to install any software to do remote control. It works directly from the browser and this makes it much easy remote access from everywhere even if I travel. The developer team is very responsible and constantly adding new features requested by the customers. The support team is also on a very high level with their response according to the working time and time differences between continents.

Team Lead, Halliburton
Darshan Vithani works on major 3 platform without any issue, and all in one solution. This software faster help customer to sort out the problem, i recommend strongly to buy this because this have all in one solution, first for personal use, another for network device management and last one is help customer without any major install customer side, and price is most important stuff very very good price with this amazing features

Head of Xunison India office
Alexander Schmidt

The most versatile and convenient remote management tool I've ever used! I love that the system is browser-based, so this remote desktop is easy to use. GetScreen is incredibly stable and reliable, which is very important for this kind of software. We have been using this tool regularly for over 2 years in our marketing company and have never encountered any security issues/breaches.

Our company provides digital marketing services, we often have to connect to clients' computers to set up their campaigns or analyze metrics. That's why remote access is indispensable in our field!

Marketing Specialist, Digital Kings
Anoop Kumar Singh

Permanent screen sharing software, such as, can be extremely helpful in academic settings. By providing a platform for remote collaboration, permanent screen sharing software allows professors and students to work together on projects and tasks in real time. This can be especially beneficial for students who are unable to attend class in person, as they can still participate in the discussion and receive feedback from the professor.

Manager, Steel Authority of India Limited
Richard Roderick

I use to support our environment of servers and workstations. I also use it for ad-hoc connections to support users as needed. works very well. The current feature set works well and I look forward to them adding more features. For ad-hoc support sessions, service works as well as anyone out there. Well suited for anyone that needs to support customers remotely.

President, AVIT Technology
Tess Washington

I am a physician/techie, and a lot of my colleagues are looking for a way to transition from medicine or do other things to allow them more time with their families and to preserve their health. I have been trying to explain over the phone, Zoom meetings, shared screen, etc...when working with them on web development projects - needless to say, it's been very difficult. Now that I can provide them with the reassurance of logging into their computer remotely and we discuss the adjustments I'm making along with a recording afterward for them to review. This is just an absolute game-changer for my creative consulting agency!

Virtual Concierge MD, President
Hans Weber is an any implemented feature-rich web application that allows you to install an app on PC and connect with all permanently connected devices or start first with Wake-on-Lan to connect with. It is also useable as a support app with not permanent connections sending them by mail or as a link. The command bar to set up the online screen is feature rich and easy to handle and place on your screen you can even hide if to increase the space on the screen. Good is also the 2-Factor identification with several options like Telegram, Google Authenticator or email.

Jessica Cook

Perfect Solution for Quick Support! I like the ease of use for clients who are unfamiliar with the product. I do not dislike anything about this software. benefits me in such ways: client support, allowing me to easily log into their computer and find the cause of problems, saving the time used giving sometimes incoherent explanations of what's going on/inability to quickly follow precise instructions.

IT Freelance Professional
Kelly Wright

This tool is often used for remote support, but I use it for access to my office PC. also let's me to share files with my colleagues effectively. It's simple to access remote desktops with this tool. It's simple to monitor remote work with this remote desktop software. Finally, allows me to instantly share my desktop screen with my colleagues. has given me an outstanding and unforgettable experience leaving me with nothing to point out as a downside!

Account Operations Manager
Gerard Halligan

A cross-platform remote support experience. Highly recommend! It is simple to use. It has custom branding links and icons for the .exe setup. You can use your own domain for connections. You can also connect to an Android phone. Supports dual-screen setups. Resolution can blur sometimes be they are in the process of fixing that. Remote support mainly but I also use it for my own connection for remote work. Was previously using LogMeIn for that.

Chief Operating Officer, Trupe Travel
Hüppe Keith

I switched from Teamviewer and I am glad to be using If you are using Teamviewer you should make the switch. I'm a very happy customer and I am excited to see what the team at can do as far as updates. So far I am happy with the platform and it does everything I need!

Founder, TimeKeeper LLC