For system administrator

Up to 90% of your customers could become your loyal clients.
Reliable and user-friendly software helps a lot with this.
Single control center for all desktops
Compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux clients
Your corporate image
Custom distribution kit
Simple and user-friendly interface

How it works?

Install a small agent on your client’s desktop
Connection link will appear in your Personal Account
Connect to client anytime


An agent is a small piece of software which broadcasts video from a remote desktop and is managed by a remote operator
Small software size – 2MB only
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux
Proxy settings and NAT traverse
Custom distribution kit

Personal Account

This is a single control center for all your desktops with a continuous access from anywhere.
Contact book
System info
Connection history
Access delegation
Access from a web browser


Connections via custom permalink or via Personal Account contact book is available.

All features of remote access are available:
Mouse and keyboard control
System commands: Ctrl+Alt+Delete, etc.
Clipboard synchronization
File sharing
Mobile version


You can use your own brand for our agent:
Connection link

Everything is under control!

Enjoy your work, connections will be taken care of by us.
Get to work

Any questions?

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