For Technical Support

About 30% of issues remain unsolved due to inconvenience of the remote connection process. Use invitations to simplify the connection process and help your client
Quick connection by invitation
Client support on Windows, macOS and Linux
On-screen text auto translation
Handy extension for Google Chrome
Team for employees

How It Works?

Create a deferred connection
Send an invitation for your client to join
Your client accepts the invitation
That’s it! Now help your client


This is a small page with an invitation to join a remote access session. A small file is attached to the message for your client to run.
Maximum connection speed
Link or digital code invitation
Any communication channel: email, messaging app, call
Client database integration
Automated start after joining


When you’re connected to your client, you can use the full range of remote access features:
Simultaneous connections
Joint access
System info
File manager
Connection recording
Chats and calls


You can use your corporate image for your invitation page and file:
Link subdomain

Client Loyalty

We know you love your clients.
Don’t get distracted by any tools. Just do your job!
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