About Us

Our main asset is a professional and dedicated team
Our company was founded on a cozy island in the Republic of Cyprus in 2018 by two buddies. Previous experience in developing web applications in C++ allowed us to turn simple experiments with WebRTC technology into an innovative solution for remote access. Now we have about a dozen employees from several countries working in our team.

Our mission is high-speed connectivity

Not a second should be lost while helping people - remote access should be achieved instantly


More than 13 years of commercial product development experience
Remote access should be as clear and accessible as possible
No instructions, no IDs, no passwords - everything should work via the link


Most of our team is distributed and located in different countries, so the best way to contact us is to write to info@getscreen.me or in the chat in the bottom right corner of the page. If we don't answer, it means we're in a different time zone (EET) and we'll answer as soon as we wake up :)