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Dashboard is a desktop application for Windows, which duplicates the functions of the personal account and adds comfort for extended connections
The main advantage is synchronizing the keyboard with the remote computer using the system keyboard shortcuts: Windows, Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Esc and others.
Designed for continuous use by professional system administrators and technical support operators.
Download for Windows
61.2 MB, version 1.0.1 (beta)


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List of desktops
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Device card
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Quick support
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How is the connection from the dashboard different from the connection in the browser from my personal account?
When connecting in the browser, intercepting the system keys Win, Esc (as well as combinations of Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Esc and others) is impossible, so when using them the reaction occurs both on a remote and on a local computer - this greatly complicates the work for operators.

When connecting from the dashboard, the connection is made within the desktop application, which allows you to intercept the key processing and perform it only on the remote computer - this is the main difference and advantage.

In terms of appearance, the connection window differs only in the absence of browser tabs and the address bar.
What other advantages does a desktop dashboard have for professional operators?
Access to the list of devices and clients to be served is located in a separate window always set in the tray in the authorized state - this allows users to:
  • quickly reach the connection button;
  • not depend on a browser session;
  • allocate handling remote computers to a separate context of open applications.
What will be added in the new versions?
The features to be added in the future versions:
  • system notifications when the client is ready to connect;
  • improved clipboard synchronization when connecting;
  • connection window tabs for sorting the active ones;
  • more keyboard shortcuts - if something is missing, please write us;
  • localization of the interface into other languages.
What are the system requirements to run the dashboard application?
The application runs on Windows operating systems - starting with version 7. Versions for other operating systems are to be added in the near future.
Is installation necessary?
Yes, the application is installed on the desktop of the operator or system administrator.
Do I need authorization?
Yes, the application requires an account on our website. To get the account, you need to sign up.