Cloud-Based Solution for Remote Access to Any Desktop

Control over your network of remote computers or servers
Anytime access to your personal computer
Web based with no installation required

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And get full control over your remote computers or servers
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Connect your computers to a personal network and access them from anywhere
The best solution for office or enterprise management
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How It Works?

Get a remote access in three clicks
Launch our agent on your remote computer
Get a connection link
Open this link in a browser on any device
Launch our agent on your remote computer
Get a connection link
Open this link in a browser on any device
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Remote Access

Personal Account


Web Access

Connect from any device: computers, mobile phones, or tablets. We support the latest versions of all modern browsers

File Transfer

During a session, transfer any files in both directions: to a remote computer and vice versa


Copy and paste any text information on a remote computer just as easily as on your local device

Chats & Calls

Communicate with the operator of your remote computer in our built-in chat or using voice call features

Monitor Selection

Easy work with multiple monitors. Switch between monitors in just one click

Mobile Version

No installation of any app is required. Our solution perfectly works in a mobile browser

Continuous Access

Connect to your computers with no extra passwords or links

Single Control Center

Manage an office or business from your personal account at any time

Session History

View your connection and session log and filter all entries by agents or time

Access Delegation

Share access to your computers with or without time limits

One-Time Codes

Connect your office to a single account with no problem. No login or password are required

Network Monitoring

Monitor statuses of your network elements: performance, drive capacity, incoming/outgoing traffic


Crypto-resistant encryption based on one-time AES keys and elliptic curves

P2P Network

We don’t use intermediate servers. Connect directly to your remote computer

NAT Traversal

We use dedicated IP addresses that are completely independent. Any connection is established using WebRTC


Thanks to our video streaming options, we can deliver the best graphics and sound quality


No special settings of your firewall are required. We use open web protocols


Integrate fast into your company’s infrastructure using ready-made plugins
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Clients & Reviews

We have already received the first feedback from our clients
Dmitri Vasiliev
Global Management
I tried remote web access for the first time about a year ago. It was so easy to connect from any device! This service help a lot on my business trips when I travel around the world.
Timur Valiev
Technical Support
The most challenging thing in remote access is when you need to install any special software. Your service doesn’t even need installation. This saves us a good deal of time. Thanks a lot!
Andrei Smirnov
Blogger & Traveller
I didn’t even know about remote web access before. Now I can view and use my documents even on my phone when I travel. Thank you very much.

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What is
This is a cloud-based solution for control over remote computers, servers, or even entire offices or businesses.
How is your solution different from others in this field?
Our key benefit is connection to a remote computer via a web link, which makes the solution flexible beyond compare:
  • Connect from a browser with no need to install any client
  • NAT traverse and dedicated IP addresses that are completely independent
  • No problems related to version control
  • Easy integration through web technologies
Who is your solution for?
Our solution is suitable for professional use in system administration of offices or businesses. It is also a great help for personal purposes
How can I test your solution?
You can connect to our Demo Server. Don’t forget to Sign Up so you could see more features. Every sign up is free of charge.
Do I need to install your agent?
You don’t need to install our agent for a single connection to a remote computer. The agent is required only for continuous access.
Why do I need to sign up?
Sign up to get more features:
  • Continuous Access
  • Multiple-Computer Control
  • Connection History
  • Access Delegation
  • Agent Monitoring
Why is it free?
We haven’t chosen a monetization model for our service to date. We may introduce paid plans in the future. Our free plan will always remain (with possible limits).
How secure is your service?
Any connection is directly established between our client and a remote computer with an SSL protocol using WebRTC. No transferred data are stored on our servers.