Remote Desktop Access.
Instant. From a web browser.

Cloud-based software for administration, technical support and remote work.
How do I connect to another computer?
"Free up to 2 devices"
"Any Integrations"
"Goodbye TeamViewer!"
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Permanent Access
Quick Support
Automatic screen translation
Mobile control


Connect from anywhere in a web browser.
You’ll get a full range of remote access features.
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Permanent Access

Connect your desktops to a personal network and get a continuous access from anywhere.
Ready-made solution to control your office or home network
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Quick Support

Invite your customers via quick invitations with a direct link.
Don’t require anything complicated from your clients.
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Automatic screen translation

Serve customers from all over the world.
Translate a text from a remote screen by hovering your mouse over it.
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Mobile control

Control phones, tablets, set-top boxes,
interactive kiosks and vending terminals
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Solution for Your Needs

Find out how you can do more in your daily job

Network Administration

Single control center
Automated continuous access
Simultaneous connections
Connection recordings
Custom distribution kit
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Technical Support

Connection by invitations
Screen auto translation
Integration with your platform
Team for employees
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Remote Work

Office connection
Access to your desktop
The number of connections is unlimited
Works without a dedicated IP address
Free plan
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Implement remote access into your business processes
Ready-made plugins
Use ready-made extensions for popular platforms
Create integrations for your platform with HTTP API
Agent SDK
Implement remote access features into your apps
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Free for up to 2 devices!

And if you need more, 14 days are free and can be paid monthly!
Pay once a month
Pay once a year   Save 16%
always for free
No card is required
per month
14 days for free
per month
14 days for free
per month
14 days for free
Commercial use
Permanent Access 2 devices 10 devices 50 devices
Quick Support 1 client per day 3 clients per day 100 clients per day
Connection recording 1 GB 20 GB 100 GB
Team 5 users 50 users
Personal domain for links 
Payment is available from bank cards and PayPal
Reliable and secure payments
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Ratings & Reviews

Your colleagues have already rated our solution on independent platforms
Patrick Mast
CEO, Winfakt
We use for remote access to all our computers, as well as to support our customers remotely. It’s a dream to use! Despite the nice, clean, and easy-to-use user interface, is powerful in execution. It’s a must have for businesses that need to provide remote support to their customers. Don’t doubt it, just try it.
Srikanth Nair
Mustard Seed IT Founder
If you provide support to your clients like I do, then this is a God send. I briefly tested it today and it seems to work quite well, though my test was on my own network between two systems. I looked for a way to reduce the screen quality to conserve bandwidth and thereby increase connection snappiness, but I don't think that option exists (or I didn't see it). I haven't conducted an extensive test but I intend to do it very soon.I sincerely hope that will be around for a while. Thank you team. All the best to you!
Darshan Vithani
Manager, Xunison Ltd
This software helps our clients quickly sort out their problems. I strongly recommend buying because it’s an all-in-one solution for personal use, network device management, or customer support (without any major actions from the customer side). This solution offers a very competitive price for such fantastic features.
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Find out more

Remote access is more than connecting two computers:

Connect on the go

You no longer tied to your workplace.
Use remote access from your mobile device at any time.


What is
This is a cloud-based web service for remote desktop connection in web
How is your solution different from others in this field?
Our key benefit is connection in web, which makes the solution flexible beyond compare:
  • No need to install a client
  • NAT traverse and dedicated IP addresses that are completely independent
  • No problems related to version control
  • Easy integrations
Who is your solution for?
Our solution is primarily focused on professional use:
  • Enterprise and home network administration
  • Set up of technical support
  • Remote office
It is also a great solution for personal purposes:
  • Share access to your desktop
  • Connect to your friend’s desktop
How can I test your solution?
You can connect to our Demo Server. Don’t forget to Sign Up so you could see more features. Every sign up is free of charge.
Do I need to install your agent?
You don’t need to install our agent for a short-term connection to a remote desktop, you only need to launch it.

The installation is required only for Permanent Access.
Why do I need to sign up?
Sign up to get more features:
  • Automated Permanent Access
  • Technical Support via Invitations
  • Agent Branding
  • Connection History
  • Integrations
Which devices can be controlled?
You can get access to any Windows, macOS, Linux and Android devices.
Do you have a mobile app?
We have the Android application for managing a mobile device.

Our personal account is adapted for mobile devices using Progressive Web Application. You can save the account page to your home screen. It will work as a native application.