Remote access and
computer management
from a browser

Remote access has never been easier.
Control your computer from any device

How it works?

Set up remote access in three clicks

Launch the program on a remote PC

Get the connection link

Open the link in a browser on any device



Full-fledged access

The program runs in the service mode and has access beyond the desktop:
  • Task manager
  • OS system screens
  • Monitor selection

Connection from any device

Connect to the agent directly from a browser on any modern device:
Chrome (and other Chromium-based)
Safari (MacOS, iOS)

Fast Peer‑to‑Peer connection

No lags, no proxy servers! Connection to a remote computer is established directly from a browser using WebRTC

Connection security

Cryptographically strong encryption based on one-time AES keys and elliptic curves provides reliable protection of your trafficDownload

Integrations with technical support tools

We are working on integrations with popular technical support tools. They will be available soon!

Customers and feedback

Our customers have already left their first feedback
Dmitry Vasilyev
Administrative manager at an international company
A year ago, I tried remote access via a browser for the first time. It turned out to be convenient to connect from any device! It helps me a lot on my business trips around the world.
Timur Valiyev
Technical support team member
The main challenge of remote access lies in installing special software, while your program does not even require installation. This saves a lot of our time. Thank you very much!
Andrey Smirnov
Blogger and traveler
I did not even know about remote access via a browser. Now I can access my documents even from my smartphone while on the go thanks to your program.

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