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This is a small headless utility that is installed into your company's local network and acts as a gateway to internal services for tighter and seamless integration.
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How It Works?

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Installation and Configuration Guide

Management is performed using console commands and a configuration file


Download the program file and place it in the directory the installed service will be bound to. Then run the following command from the command line.

gateway.exe -install


To configure the gateway, use the config.json configuration file, which should be located next to the gateway.exe file. You will find a template of this file in the downloaded distribution. You only need to fill it in with your data. The following table describes the allowable fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk.

Parameter Type Description * string server address
server.token * string Token for authorizing the gateway with your account. The token is generated in the personal account on the settings page. boolean Server certificate validation. Default is true
ldap.url * string Address of the AD server for LDAP connection (with protocol ldaps://)
ldap.user * string Administrator login to connect to the AD server
ldap.password * string Administrator password to connect to the AD server
ldap.filter string Additional filter to get the list of AD groups
ldap.login-attribute string LDAP attribute to select the field by which the user's login will be determined. boolean AD server certificate validation. Default is true

Service Launch

After installation and configuration, you need to start the service using the command:

gateway.exe -start

If everything is configured correctly, when started in console mode, you will see logs like this:

Successful establishment of connection with the server:

13:51:55.731 INFO Signaling connected to signaling server

Successful connection to your AD server:

13:51:56.059 INFO LDAP connected to 'ldaps://' as 'ADFS\Administrator' base: 'DC=ADFS,DC=TEST,DC=ME'

Other commands to manage the gateway:

Command Description
-install Service installation
-uninstall Service uninstallation
-start Service start
-stop Service stop

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the minimum system requirements for the gateway to work?
Windows 7+ or Debian OS and RAM of at least 1GB.
What ports and hosts should be open for the gateway to communicate with the server?
To connect to the server, an open port 443 and host are required
When will it be possible to use the gateway as a proxy server for video data?
This usage type development is currently in progress. If you want to get early access to testing this feature, please contact us at