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Mass agent program deployment
Mass deployment is now available for the enterprise segment. Now you can perform a mass deployment of agents in Active Directory of your company using the MSI package or using scripts for RMM systems (Remote Network Monitoring and Management). You can use console commands to configure agents personally. The descriptions for the available commands are in the personal account in the add new devices window.

What else is new?

  • Button to contact the administrator in agent
  • Forced two-factor authentication and IP whitelisting for team members
  • Pagination, grouping and new filters for the list of computers in personal account
  • Locking the operator's keyboard in full-screen mode
  • Support for mouse lock and relative coordinates for games and 3D modeling programs
  • Accelerated file transfer
  • Rebooting in safe mode
  • Connecting to RDP sessions
  • Accelerated data transfer in macOS
  • Bug fixes
June 22, 2022