Remote Desktop Online Service for Healthcare

The online remote desktop service helps to get the efficient, prompt and effective delivery of healthcare services. It fosters flexibility, boosts collaboration and guarantees that essential data is readily available to those who require it.
Permanent and Quick Remote Connections
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux and Android clients
Simultaneous Connections to Multiple Devices
All-in-One Web Dashboard
Feature Rich Remote Control Panel

Our service is suitable for many solutions

Remote Access
Get instant access from any web browser to the hospital computer or other devices from home or while traveling
Remote Support
Manage and maintain the hospital IT infrastructure, troubleshoot issues and provide support to other staff members
Remote Administration
Access various administrative and management systems to monitor hospital operations, ensure compliance, manage staff schedules and access financial reports from anywhere while maintaining high standards of patient care and service

All-in-one Online Platform for Easy Remote Connection Management

Unlock the full potential of remote desktop management in the Healthcare industry. Hospitals, medical centers and private specialists can seamlessly connect to remote devices from anywhere in the world.

Efficient Patient Care Delivery Anywhere

By using the remote desktop online service, healthcare professionals can connect to the hospital system from home, other locations or while on the move. This service enables them to access patient files, review medical histories, and even prescribe medication promptly, empowering them to provide timely and efficient patient care regardless of their physical location.

Enhance Healthcare Support with Quick Connections

This service helps IT support specialists manage medical devices remotely. They troubleshoot software issues from their office, ensuring smooth operation of vital tech equipment and software for patient care.

Empowering Healthcare Collaboration with Remote Access

With the ability to easily share a screen with patient information and join on one remote device to consult with other colleagues remotely, this can lead to more comprehensive and efficient care for patients.

Advancing Patient Care through Continuous Learning and Development

Provide training to new team members or interns from anywhere. Healthcare professionals can learn from home or while traveling, reducing physical meetings and adding flexibility. Remote access allows virtual training sessions and webinars with medical experts.

How Healthcare Professionals can use Remote Desktop Software

He uses the remote desktop online service to access the hospital system from his home or while traveling
This allows him to pull up patient files, review medical history and even write prescriptions. The remote desktop service allows him to provide timely and efficient patient care regardless of physical location.
IT support specialist is able to troubleshoot any software issues from his office without physically visiting each location within the hospital
With remote desktop service, he ensures seamless operation of all tech equipment and software critical for patient care.
Med Tech
Using access to remote devices in the medical center, she can monitor patients' vital signs and update their charts from any device within the hospital premises
She can also use it to access the latest treatment protocols and medication information, maintain accurate patient records and stay updated on advanced medical practices
Often uses the remote desktop service to access various administrative and management systems
He can monitor hospital operations, ensure compliance, manage staff schedules, and access financial reports from anywhere. Remote desktop software ensuring smooth hospital operations while maintaining high standards of patient care and service.
Hospital Administrator

Comprehensive Remote Desktop Access Service That Fits Your Needs

We develop a robust online service that enables seamless and feature-rich connectivity between a client's remote device and your device
Permanent Access
Unattended access to remote devices
Ideal for ongoing system administration tasks or seamless access to office or personal devices without supervision
Unified Online Control Panel for Managing All Connections
Unlimited Concurrent Connections
File Transfer, Mass Deployment
Wake-on-LAN, Black screen, System Reboot
Mobile Devices Access
RDP, Active Directory, API
Quick Connection
Fast one-time remote access via invite
Useful type of remote access for tech support or help desk teams that provide swift assistance to their clients
Unlimited Invites & Connections
Branding & Customization
Multi Language Agent
Joint sessions on One Device
Chrome Extension Plugin

Connection Features

After connecting to a remote client device, you can use the full range of remote access features
Mouse and keyboard control
File manager
Chats & calls
History of sessions
View mode only
System Info
Multi connections to one device
Connection recording
Auto Translation

Discover Our Key Features

Our solution provides a cost-effective option with flexible licensing choices, including monthly or annual subscription-based licenses
Sessions Recording
Capture and store your sessions when remotely accessing the device. This facilitates clear communication with patients or colleagues in subsequent interactions
Multi Monitors
Functionality enabling users to seamlessly switch between multiple monitors when connected to a remote desktop, providing a versatile and efficient user experience for managing different displays
User Rights Management
Grouping users into departments within an organization enables administrators to tailor device rights and permissions, ensuring secure access and efficient management across different user groups
Multi Devices Connection
Connecting to multiple devices simultaneously, seamlessly switching between them with ease, is a convenient feature that enhances productivity and multitasking capabilities
Mobile Devices Access
Access remote devices through our mobile app and connect to Android-based mobile devices via a web browser
With the ability to personalize the logo, name and link, the software can be easily branded to represent your company, enhancing recognition and uniqueness

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The use of Remote Desktop Service significantly reduces the time required for software installation and support, as there is no need for physical presence
Cost Savings
The company saves on travel expenses and can allocate those resources to other areas, such as research and development
Customer Satisfaction
Clients appreciate the quick response times and efficient service, leading to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty

What our clients say

Your colleagues have already evaluated our solution on independent platforms
José Rino
Head of Bioimaging Unit in Instituto de Medicina Molecular
Easy to use remote access solution that just works! The best feature is by far the ability to just send a link and anyone with a browser can remotely connect to the computer, without installing any software. Also, when they mean free, it's free. Not free for some time only. We have an analysis workstation with image processing software that can now be accessed remotely by any user, a very important feature in pandemic times, which has also increased productivity by allowing everyone to connect from their homes at their convenience.
Kim Sun Hee
Pharmacy chain manager
When it comes to managing a chain of pharmacies, having a reliable remote desktop solution is essential. remote desktop offers great flexibility to help our pharmacies maintain compliance with the latest healthcare regulations. It also provides a secure way of accessing patient records, medical equipment and other sensitive data without any risk of data breach or leakage. The remote access feature allows medical staffs to connect to the pharmacy's main server from any device with internet connection and securely manage and monitor medical equipment.
Melvin Gross
Radiographer in a private clinic
I love that allows me to collaborate with other colleagues remotely, no matter where they are. It is a great application that brings us together as employees, allowing us to work together as a team and achieve our business goals. is very quick and easy to implement, and I love how it helps me offer remote support to our patients, forward x-rays to them and give advice remotely. I like the interface, which is easy to learn and adapt, and the patient support is available anytime you need help.