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Shailendra Kumar Srivastava

Today I am sharing you my real experience with the product «».
As we all know that In this Covid-19 period every parents prefer 'study from home' for their children and it is impossible for a teacher to visit every student home to teach. That's why Microsoft Teams Zoom etc are available here. It's ok but what about Computer Science students.

Computer science students must need working practice for any CS project to learn every programming step and If CS teacher teaches programming only on Teams or Zoom what about Practical knowledge for students; it is not possible on these apps. But this tool «» is amazing in the sense that it fills this gap for Computer science students.

On «» I practically have call and chat facility to communicate with my students while teaching plus its sharing and service quality is superb. I taught students using their own Pc many programming projects while I was at my home. This is the specialty of '' that a student and a teacher both can work together on some program while staying at different places. This is the beauty of this program which I experienced in my teaching. This product is a boon for Today's teachers. I am suggesting every teacher to have this product «» especially Computer Science teachers must have this tool.

A special thank to team for their hard work behind this awesome product. Thanks.

Computer Science Teacher

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Hüppe Keith
I switched from Teamviewer and I am glad to be using If you are using Teamviewer you should make the switch. I'm a very happy customer and I am excited to see what the team at can do as far as updates. So far I am happy with the platform and it does everything I need.
Founder, TimeKeeper LLC
Liga Lemberga
I use daily to help our customers with their computer issues remotely and there is no better remote desktop app for it. Very easy to use with clean interface that does not cause any questions at all. I have used different softwares before for remote access, and can say with no hesitation, this is the best there is! I highly recommend to purchase this software, you will not look back for a second.
Project Manager, Webmeister
Samir Poladov
This is so far the Easiest Remote Access service we ever used. Absolute time saver for me helping my distributed team and accessing IP Locked applications remotely. It works perfectly and is a very easy to use tool. It has all the essential options to be able to work remotely even from iOS devices. The system is very stable and offers good remote image quality. It doesn't matter if you connect for a few seconds or if you stay much longer. This tool is worth it. I recommend it to everyone!
IT Engineer, ITOlimp
Daniel Connelly
This is, hands down, the #1 remote desktop sharing app I have found online. I switched to after TeamViewer thought I was doing business through some automated catching software (I had only connected to one computer?). On that application, I also would have difficulty connecting and staying connected. is simple and easy for me and anyone whom I wish to connect to remotely. It is amazing how developed this product is and yet its free tier is so expansive.
Software Engineer,
StrongBox Data Solutions, Inc.
David Kliewer
Using, connecting to various OSes with a smooth screen update frequency works very well. The ease of setup and operation is what really stands out. The interface is self-explaining and hassle-free. I have previously used various products to perform remote management and this one surpasses.
CEO, Studio Kliewer
Srikanth Nair
If you provide support to your clients like I do, then this is a God send. I briefly tested it today and it seems to work quite well, though my test was on my own network between two systems. I looked for a way to reduce the screen quality to conserve bandwidth and thereby increase connection snappiness, but I don't think that option exists (or I didn't see it). I haven't conducted an extensive test but I intend to do it very soon.I sincerely hope that will be around for a while. Thank you team. All the best to you!
Mustard Seed IT Founder
Pietro Cornelio
Prodotto molto ben ingegnerizzato, elegante e con ottime funzionalità di connessione remota e assistenza. Il pannello di controllo centrale è strutturato molto bene, questo permette velocemente di concentrarsi sulle soluzioni e sulla connessione di assistenza remota. La possibilità di registrare i video dell'assistenza remota è molto utile. Inoltre la possibilità di avere lo storico delle connessioni con timestamp e i link a scadenza dopo il termine della sessione sono utilissimi. Ho lavorato con molti software simili, ma è il migliore in assoluto.
Ingegnere dei Sistemi, Progettista Sistemi Elettronici & Informatici, Proxima Informatica Spa
Darshan Vithani
This software helps our clients quickly sort out their problems. I strongly recommend buying because it’s an all-in-one solution for personal use, network device management, or customer support (without any major actions from the customer side). This solution offers a very competitive price for such fantastic features.
Manager, Xunison Ltd, India
Patrick Mast
We use for remote access to all our computers, as well as to support our customers remotely. It’s a dream to use! Despite the nice, clean, and easy-to-use user interface, is powerful in execution. It’s a must have for businesses that need to provide remote support to their customers. Don’t doubt it, just try it.
CEO & Developer, Winfakt
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