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Our online service offers immediate access to remote devices through any web browser, delivering a versatile and intuitive solution for effective and secure remote desktop support from any location.
Unlimited One-Time Remote Connections
Ready-made Invitations for Clients
Google Chrome Extension
Remote Screen Auto Translation
Custom API Integrations Available

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Extensive Remote IT & Customer Support Service Hub

Boost your support team's efficiency to build strong client relationships. Converting customers into loyal clients is possible with the right software. Reliable software is crucial for fostering lasting relationships through smooth transactions and personalized services.

Streamline Remote Support: Easy, Secure, and Password-Free!

Easily establish secure connections for individual remote support sessions without the hassle of sharing passwords over phone, chat, or other channels. Enjoy quick setup, fast data transmission, and top-notch picture quality for a smooth, immersive support experience that minimizes frustration.
Unlimited Invites & Connections
Branding & Customization
Multi Language Agent
Joint sessions to One Device
Chrome Extension Plugin

Securely Manage Unattended Devices from Anywhere

Ensure continuous updates and management through unattended remote desktop access across a variety of remote devices, ranging from laptops and mobile phones to kiosks, digital signage, servers, and various other unattended devices, all done securely and discreetly.
Online-Control Panel with all your Devices
Unlimited Concurrent Remote Connections
File Transfer, Mass Deployment
Wake-on-LAN, Black screen, System Reboot
Mobile Devices Access
RDP, Active Directory, API

Empower Your Remote Clients: Onboard with Ease for Software Success!

Demonstrate the product or offer onboarding sessions for remote clients to assist software or app developers. Remote desktop support is an ideal way to showcase product features, make quick changes or updates, and guide clients through new software or apps with step-by-step instructions.
Auto Translation
File manager
Chats & calls
History of sessions, Connection recording
Only view mode, capture screenshots
Multi connections to one device

Integrate your own Apps and Tools

Customize your remote support experience with the power of APIs! With custom API integrations available, integrate your favorite tools and apps for a seamless support environment that aligns with your current workflow. Automate tasks, improve efficiency and create a unique experience for both you and your clients without leaving your platform.
Screen Sharing
Mobile Devices Access
File manager
Multi connections to one device
Chrome Extension Plugin
Only view mode, capture screenshots
Why to choose us
Instant access from any browser
Mobile Device Access in All Plans
Unlimited Concurrent Connections
Multi Monitors on Remote Desktop
Unlimited Quick Connections by Invitation
Flexible Personal & Teams Plans

Connect in Your Own Style

Web Dashboard
Easily manage connections and account settings through our web dashboard.
Desktop Application
Experience the seamless replication of your web dashboard's functionality for desktop version.
Google Chrome Extensions
Elevate your experience with our Chrome browser plugin. Access your devices and generate invitations.

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Tailored solutions to meet all your needs. Ideal for handling tasks across various roles.

Transferring your customers into loyal clients with the right software.Reliable and user-friendly software, by facilitating smooth transactions and personalized services, plays a crucial role in fostering this enduring relationship.
IT Support Administrator
Help Desk Specialist
Software Developer
IT Support Administrator

IT administrators utilize remote desktop sessions to establish secure connections for efficient troubleshooting during technical support.

Ensure strict access controls are in place to safeguard sensitive data and maintain detailed logs for accountability purposes, tracking all actions taken during the remote sessions.

Remote Desktop Sessions
Enhancing Technical Support and Issue Resolution. Initiate remote desktop sessions to provide technical support and troubleshoot issues for users.
User Rights Management
Enforce Stringent Access Controls and Robust Authentication. Uphold strict access controls and implement robust authentication methods to ensure that only authorized personnel can start remote sessions.
Session Recordings and Logging Activities
Ensuring Accountability and Compliance. Keep detailed logs of remote support activities for accountability and compliance purposes.
Remote Troubleshooting
Elevating Support & Satisfaction. Efficient technical support, secure remote desktop connections, improved accessibility for remote workers and customers, and enhanced user satisfaction by minimizing disruptions.
Seamless access to technical assistance
Streamline remote support processes to save time and resources for IT teams and users. Maintain accurate records and enhance workforce productivity with seamless technical assistance access.
Facilitate seamless IT support
Collaboration across locations. Enhance remote support processes. Stay current with tech for top-notch user support.
Help Desk Specialist

By utilizing remote support solutions, IT teams can provide timely and efficient resolution to technical issues, minimizing downtime and keeping operations running smoothly.

Software Installation and Updates
Installing new software or updating existing applications remotely saves time and ensures that all users have the necessary tools and security patches.
System Configuration
Adjusting system settings, configuring email clients, or setting up network connections to meet specific user needs or company standards.
Troubleshooting Technical Issues
Diagnosing and resolving issues such as application errors, system crashes, or connectivity problems.
File Management and Recovery
Assisting in managing files, including data transfer, backup setups, or recovering lost documents.
Security and Compliance Checks
Conducting remote audits to ensure systems are secure and compliant with industry regulations.
User Training and Guidance
Providing real-time guidance or training on software applications or IT policies through screen sharing.
Software Developer

These solutions allow IT teams to remotely access and control a user's device, troubleshoot issues, and provide technical assistance without being physically present. As a result, organizations can ensure secure and compliant remote desktop connections while also improving accessibility for their remote workers and customers.

Device Management and Maintenance
Administrate all devices in the organization, including software updates, troubleshooting, and ensuring optimal performance.
Zero Trust Security Integration
Oversee zero trust security integration, verifying each device and user before granting access to boost network security.
Supporting Remote Work
With remote work on the rise, it is crucial for aiding employees with technology use at home. Tasks include VPN setup, home office setup, and technical support.
Managing Software Licenses
Manage software licenses for a company, ensuring that the company has enough licenses for all its employees and that these licenses are renewed on time.
Training and Onboarding
Train and onboard new employees on the use of company hardware and software, including any specific tools required for their role.
Data Management
Managing the company's data, ensuring that it's securely stored and correctly backed up. They might also need to help employees access or retrieve data as needed.

What our clients say

Your colleagues have already evaluated our solution on independent platforms
Kelly Wright
Account Operations Manager
This tool is often used for remote support, but I use it for access to my office PC. Getscreen.me also let's me to share files with my colleagues effectively. It's simple to access remote desktops with this tool. It's simple to monitor remote work with this remote desktop software. Finally, Getscreen.me allows me to instantly share my desktop screen with my colleagues. Getscreen.me has given me an outstanding and unforgettable experience leaving me with nothing to point out as a downside!
Victor Escobedo
Founder, Navegante.io
One of the best, if not the best, remote products on the market today! It's so easy to use, simple and affordable. It helps me get things done quick & efficiently without a dramatic learning curve other software makes you go through. Getting quick access to my system and my client's systems and GS.me just makes it so easy to do this and more, it's so easy to switch between devices & orgs too.
Joe Navarro
CEO, Quantum Space
Have 100% control of my clients' computers. And being able to talk directly to them on the same connection through GETSCREEN. Being able to record the session. And at the same time to be able to transfer necessary files in some works. We have many clients who do not know how to install specific applications that they need in their businesses, and we solve that problem for them. On the other hand, when we have to provide training, we can do it directly on our clients' computers, and they can see it live and if they have any questions or doubts they can raise it directly in the session.

Cloud vs On-Premises

Choose your variant of how to use our software.

Cloud Version

Connect your devices using our servers without worrying about maintenance. Get optimized network infrastructure, automatic updates, and early access to new features. Ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

On-Premise Version

Install and maintain our servers on your infrastructure. Get maximum control over network infrastructure and data. Ideal for medium to large businesses. Request a demo now!

Unlock Customer Loyalty: The Power of Seamless Integrations

Transferring your customers into loyal clients with the right software.Reliable and user-friendly software, by facilitating smooth transactions and personalized services, plays a crucial role in fostering this enduring relationship.
Ready-made Plugins
Customers expect a seamless experience when interacting with your brand. Having pre-built integrations for popular software to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Telegram: Use our official bot and get a complete access to your personal account from your favorite messenger.

Chats: Easily connect with users through our official extension for LiveChat, and use personalized feature - on platforms like Zendesk, Jivo, Chatra and many more.

Jira Service Desk: Install our official extension and send invites for a remote session right from your ticket window.

Custom API Integrations
Your unique business processes may require custom integrations to work in tandem with other systems. This allows for better data flow, eliminating manual work and human errors.
Third-party integrations use our HTTP API to connect with user-made integrations. You can also create proprietary plugins for different platforms with the HTTP API.
We can help and sometimes fund your plugin development, showcasing it on our website.