For technical support

Around 30% of the problems remain unsolved due to the complexity of the remote connection.
Use the invitations to simplify the connection and help the client
Instantaneous connection to the customer
No instructions, identifiers and passwords
Integration with your customer base
Drawing up invitations in your corporate style
Compatibility with Windows and MacOS clients

How does it work?

Create a delayed connection
Sending an invitation to the customer to join
The Customer accepts the invitation
Access granted! Providing assistance


This is a small page with an offer to join the remote access session. A small file is attached to the message, which the customer must start.
Maximum connection speed
Invitation in the form of a link or numeric code
Any delivery channel: letters, messengers, calls
Integration with your customer base
Automatic start after accession


When you connect to the customer, you will have access to a full range of remote access functions:
Mouse and keyboard control
System information
File manager
Recording connection
Chat and calls
and much more...


You can use your corporate identity for the page and invitation file:
Subdomain for link

Love of customers

We know that deep down in your heart you love your customers.
Don't be distracted by tools, just do your job.
Get to work

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