For personal use

Only 5% of users enjoy remote access.
Be one of these 5%.
Full set of remote access functions
Windows, MacOS, Linux compatibility
Unlimited number of simultaneous connections
Independence from allocated IP addresses
Free tariff plan

How does it work?

Download agent program
Run on the computer you want to control
Follow the link given by the agent
Control the remote computer directly in your browser


This is a small program that broadcasts video from a remote computer and executes commands from the operator.
Small program size
Versions for Windows, MacOS, Linux
Proxy and NAT traversal settings
Friendly interface
No installation required


A maximum set of functions is available to manage a remote computer:
Mouse and keyboard control
Synchronization of buffer-exchange
File manager
Sound Transfer
Monitor selection
Mobile version

Personal Account

Register and get more opportunities to manage remote computers:
Continuous automatic access
Organization of a home network
Connection history
Share access

For you

It absolutely does not matter who you are by profession.
We have prepared a solution that suits everyone.

Do you have any questions?

Write to us in a chat on the website or in the mail
and we will tell you all about it again and help you implement our solution.