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Deep integration via Agent SDK

You've been dreaming about remote functions for a long time inside your own platform.
Now your dream has become available!
With the Agent SDK you can implement remote access features within your own application or platform.
Large set of features
Support for most programming languages
Small library size
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Desktop applications

Your application can act as an agent program: broadcast video from the desktop and execute commands from the operator.
Instant connection
Connect by request from your application
Access to the computer file system
Who is the solution for?
It is a solution for software complexes with window interface for maintenance and setup of workstations, various equipment, terminals and other devices.
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Web services

You can add remote access features for your web service clients under your name, including monetizing them.
Introduction under own brand
Storage of connection records
Integration with your customer base
Who is the solution for?
For platforms with browser access: CRM, HelpDesk-systems, VPS-providers, messengers and others.
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We can offer custom integration from a small button inside your platform to a complete OEM solution.

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