Why is branding so important?

Branding is a personal design of the program's appearance using corporate identity elements.

Once enabled, your clients will receive invitations and agent files with your company logo and name. This increases customer loyalty and trust in the software used.

At Getscreen.me, branding is available for Optimal and Premium service plans. See how it works.

What elements are branded?

Branding settings will be used on all elements of the program visible to a user.

Quick Support

  1. Invitation link:


  2. Favicon and the title of the invitation page tab:

  3. Logo in the invitation message:

  4. The icon and name of the uploaded file:

  5. Connection panel:

Continuous Access

  1. Icon and title of the agent program window:

  2. Subdomain in the links to connect:

  3. Agent program icon and file name:

  4. Tray icon:

Branding setup

To go to the branding settings of the agent's program, use the left menu in your personal account:

On the left side of the page are the fields for customization, and on the right is the preview:


Only numbers, Latin characters, period and space are allowed for the name:

abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890.

The string length is limited to 30 characters.


An .ico file is required as an icon.

You can use the online tool to create a .ico file favicon.io


Can be from 3 to 25 characters long. Some service subdomains like go, www, mail and others may be prohibited or occupied by other users.

Generating a file

After changing branding settings, the next download may be delayed. This is due to the generation of a new agent file. This also applies to agents from Quick Support and from Permanent Access.

After changing the branding settings, we recommend that you start the forced generation of an updated version of the agent program by downloading from your personal account:

Updating agents

Branding settings are not applied to previously downloaded and installed agent programs. After changing the settings, you need to update them manually. For the operating system, the branding program is distinct and independent from the original.

If you have any ideas, then you can publish them on the suggestions page or contact us via the personal account chat at info@getscreen.me